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day 5...hell


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Hi hun,

Dont worry, i was exactly the same. I was crying a lot, and just felt like a wreck. But by day 6, I was soooo much better! And by day 7, it was all behind me, and i was 'normal' again!! Dont worry, you are over the worse, and im sure in a day or two's time you will fell soooo much better, and it would have been worth sticking with it.

Here's a hug to keep you going till then :hug99:

Take care,
Hi In Search of .... :wavey:

You are doing really well to get to day 5, and I think all of these emotions come out one day or another. We are getting a bit more aware of our emotion as now food to fill the akward gap.

Just try and take it slightly easier at work (if it's possible), you know like some people probably do all the time!

I rememeber feeling a little light headed but it was bearable. Drink plenty of water and maybe split a bar so you can have it as two snacks if feeling a bit weak.

You are doing well, keep plugging away

Honestly you will feel better.I felt awful last week(week 1)but feel so much better this week.

When is your weigh in?

Weigh in is Weds...its the physical/mental effects that I'm worried about as going slow (mentally) in my job is not an option as its phrenetic all the time & I have to chair meetings etc...if my brains anything like it has been the past couple of days I'm in trouble! Realy hope it does get better cos there's no way I'll keep up at this pace for 6 months :wave_cry:
I don't know what phrenetic means, but I gues it means busy and frantic , a bit like mine.
I promise you will feel better in a few days
It will be worth it in the end,my trousers are already too big

Is it normal to feel weepy, absolutely shattered & weak on day 5? Have struggled through the day but am really worried about how I am going to get through work tomorrow. Can someone offer some hope/reassurance please? :(

yep normal. you are going to be fine!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! BELIEVE ME

huggggs to you:grouphugg:
yes Sam phrenetic does mean non stop busy! Thanks for the encouragement. Thanks Jenna too :)
Just going to go a day at a time & watching the 34 stone teenager which is really sad...just want her to look at why shes eating and it confirms the importance of the CBT/TA...which I knew already but good today to re-emphasise it! Hope to be feeling better tomorrow...have a good day all :)
yes, hun - it's completely normal!!! You're not alone!!

This time of SSing, I was a complete wreck until day 10 - and then felt fantastic - so just grit your teeth, be kind to yourself (in a non-food way) and forge your way through to the happy place!

They don't call the transition into ketosis the 'white knuckle ride' for nothing!!

Hang on in there, hun!
ISOM - I really hope you're feeling a bit brighter by now. Honestly within a day or so you'll be fine ... hopefully tomorrow. Just hang on in there and you'll be over this little hurdle and on the long and happy journey downwards.


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My LLC said last night that you're going to be having moodswings and general upsidedownness over the first week and then it will settle. She also says that spacing out the packs evenly over the day works better that way as it will balance your blood sugars better. HTH


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Oh yes..........all too familiar!!! getting into Ketosis is hellish!!! but hand on heart, when you are in your head is clear and you can work like a trogen!!!! I have done this diet on and off since 2nd year at Uni!! I'm now finishing my 4th year and I work so much better and I'm so much more focused when in ketosis. Maybe its the not thinking about what I can have to eat? I dunno but its grand and I can concentrate.

Hopefully you'll be a bit brighter soon......the evilness does go away, but be prepared for an icky mouth and keto breath!!! ewwwww!!! those are the only evil things about ketosis!
Hi there & thanks for all your lovely messages! Always amazes me how supportive people ca be & hope I can offer the same...
Today hasnt been great. Woke up with crashing headache but some mega pain killers quoshed that. Felt less tired & didnt feel weepy but am worried that I seem unable to focus on things & could barely string a sentence tog! I ca cope with home being affected but cant have my job affected - have worked so hard to get where I am am not risking my job if things dont improve! I'm sure they will but finding it very tough at the moment & cant lie!
Have been in ketosis for a few days so was hoping to feel better by now ... I've been having packs at 8am ; 1/2 pack at 11 ; pack at 2 ; 1/2 pack at 4 & final one at 8ish...Def feel the difference if I dont have water physically but have managed about 4 1/2 - 5 litres a day most days...
Hopefully tomorrows weigh in & group will help encourage me and your messages have all been a great help so thank you! Off to have a pee!!
Hey :)
I wanted to post on your blog, but I haven't got an account so couldn't. I can complete relate to your first couple of days!
Where in Wales are you? I'm in Monmouthshire.
Keep going, you'll soon be through the worst of it :)
Thinking about you
Kitty xxx
Thanks for all those who posted support...much appreciated. Feeling more like I CAN do this and more positive, if tired & still spacey. Also had first weigh in & lost 7 ibs which was a good boost!

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