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Day 5 HELP!!!!

Well in day 5 and still feeling really light headed dizzy and hungry:cry: Sticks show I am only in a very mild ketosis - is this normal?? I was hoping I would be starting to feel better by today but feel worse. Please be honest with me do these feelings go, I so want to stick to this. Is it that people have quick weight loss and put up with these feelings or do they really go?

Sorry for the moan but am feeling sorry for myself and I think with it being the weekend it seems sooo much harder.

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Are you drinking plenty of water?

When did you check the ketosis? First thing in the morning is the best time I believe.

When do you have your first weigh in?

Irene xx
Hi there,
Dont feel sad, I was just like you I am on day 12 now and on days 5/6 was still only minutely only just on a trace in ketosis,I kept going and on my weigh in lost 11lbs. I know I've lost more this last 3 days as i've been naughty and weighed myself, down another 3 so far. I to was dizzy and feeling woozy, and was thinking I want to be feeling like everyone else, well now I do HONEST, and I'm sure you will. Just remember how determined you were on day one and why you aredoing this. I'm not going to bin another diet and niether are you.
Good luck x
Hate to tell you but Day 5 can often be the worst! Hang in there I promise the feelings do go usually once you get into the second week. Hand on heart once through those tricky early days I had never felt better, more energy, no hunger etc etc.

Thank you all - I really was beginning to believe that this feeling was going to last forever!!! had a few tears and going to take my daughter out to buy a horse riding hat see if that takes my mind off it. Will check back in later as you have made a difference THANK YOU



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Also like the very helpful Maggie told me - There is no such thing as only "just" in ketosis, if the stick shows a light pink that is good - If it gets to the other end of the scale that's likely to mean you are dehydrated. - This helped me loads when I was worried like you are.

I'm on day 5 of a restart and feeling fantastic, trust me you'll get through it and you'll feel fantastic, once your body starts to eat your fat for energy it's an amazing feeling.

You can do it!!!!
hi chick

Day 5 was my worst day only symptoms i had was a headache, on day 5 thought i was going to die then after that everything just got loads better. stick will it and keep glugging the water.
Well here is to a new day - got through day 5 really dont know how just gritted my teeth and hubby was on hand with plenty of hugs bless. Plus your comments have made me believe that this will not last forever, for us to get through a friday and Sat night with no alcohol and takeaways is a major miracle in itself we cant remember the last time we did that - is that sad!!!!

Did feel hungry last night but did not cheat, I am so used to a Sat night feeling full and tipsy now we have to look at other ways to amuse ourselves, it does seem daunting its not just the food but behaviour patterns that we need to look at guess it will all come in time.

Hubby asked what I would like to do last night but do you know I don't know - food has always been my hobby - any suggestions?????

Fingers crossed for no bad patches today.

Good Luck all



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