Day 5 I feel good........


Of course I can!
Hi all

Well i made it to Day three on 790, not a big deal some might say but i've trying to get to Day 1 for over a year!

I recently did the GSR with Icemoose and we chatted about food and 790, he gave me some great advice and I'd like to THANK HIM alot!

So here I am on Day 3 of 790 and already my scales are goind downwards. I was in Ketosis on the morning of the 2nd day (im a quick pinker for some reason) and im waking up early and feeling bright.

Am struggling with the water however and must must get it down my neck.

So here I come shops, nice clothes, sticking my fingers up at all those mingers who think they have the right to comment on my weight PLEURRRRGGGHHH thats me sticking my ketosis furry tongue out at them hhahahah.:eek:

I can't believe I lost the weight then put it back on again due to faffing about but im on my wagon now and on my way to slimdom.

Im looking forward to getting my nice clothes back on and to stop hiding in tracksuit bottoms!:p

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Ace achievement - 3 days on any kind of diet!:eek: :D

Brilliant - oh you lucky sod getting pink so easily! lol ;)

Try Perfectly Clear strawberry & kiwi... its delicious and makes the liquid intake far easier... I tend to pour a pint of each at the same time and alternate... bizarre I know - but it works! :p

Again - well done! It took me 42 years to reach day 1, lol ... looking forward to hearing about your shopping trips when you get to goal!!:D
Ta muchly

Thanks and WELL DONE on your success thus far - fantastic.

I've done this before but faffed with the Maintenance and ended up saying to myself "Im in control" when I wasn't! hahah

I was happy to see the pink stick but I haven't got in contact with my CDC yet as I had two weeks supply sitting on my counter top for about 2 months. Now im using them i'll email her and say " i need supplies soon".

She can then weigh me each week which will also spur me on.

Hooooraahhhh. Anyone struggling to SS and keep faffing, try 790 - its better than not doing it at all!

I kept beating myself up about not being able to SS for more than 1/2 days and then thought duh, i keep wasting all these days in between having last pig outs when I could have been doing 790 and saving myself guilt!

Hey presto - it worked Im on day 3 and by now usually ive given in. Im working at my mums pub today for a couple of hours so I know i'll get a few pints (of water!!) down my neck whilst there.

Thanks for the tip on Perfectly Clear - is it ok to drink that then?

Many thanks
Nats xxxx
Well done, the first few days are the hardest and you've got those behind you now. From what people say 790 has losses nearly as good as SS and is much more interesting. I change on to it in another week and I can't wait.
Buying suitable sugar free fizzy drinks seems to be a question of checking they don't have citric acid which can damage ketosis.
Ta Muchly. Thats what I thought, i'll have a peek when I go to the shop next.

I don't bother shopping anymore I get it online, may seem lazy but ive managed to save so much money doing that its unreal - plus I don't feel bad for not eating any of it! hahaha

Way to go NUTS! I'm on day 2 of 790 and have to say I'm finally enjoying this mad diet! 790 does it for me! I enjoyed a yummy dinner of courgette, chicken and mushrooms all on my George Forman last night followed by half a pack made into a mousse. Water wise FF&F been looking everywhere for S & K perfectly clear but can't seem to find it. Loads of the other favours but not that one where did you get yours from?
Kam x
Hey well done nuts!! You will lose nearly as much on 790 as on SS if not about the same!

I too have managed to get back into it after the run. Gave myself half term off to recover (and boy did i need to) and have been ssing since then! I haven't ruled out 790 - especially as i have a couple of nights out planned. Don't know about you but doing that run really inspired me - i have never achieved anything like that before and i keep thinking - if i can do that i can do anything!

Are you still exercising?
Thank you!

Many thanks people.

Perfectly clear - hmm haven't a clue only seen it in Asdas before. (Sorry!).

HELS!! Yes my sentiments exactly, if I got through that bloody rain/wind and pain I can not eat for a few weeks hahahaha. I think thats what did it for me too, I gave myself Half term off, tried to do it straight after and failed so took my time until my head was "in the right place" as it were.

Im actually feeling hungry today so im wondering whether the Milk allowance has shoved me out of Ketosis? hmmm.

So on here keeping my mind on the prize whilst I have to go do dins in a moment.

Im supposed to be at the gym but to be honest I just want to lose a stone or so before I go, make me feel better and all that.

Well done you though for SSing. Im going to see how it goes on 790 and if I lose enough i'll stay on it - if I don't i'll SS. (Keep your fingers crossed for me hahaha). Mike said the same that the weightloss is about the same so im hopefull.

Hey it'll be day 4 tomorrow WHOOOHOOO sorry! :p
Hi nuts
I have been doing 790 for the last 5 weeks and weight loss still great,between 2-4lb a week
Started 1,000 yesterday hope I still lose weight.
Thanks Libbie.

I hope its more 4 than 2 :O) thats just my impatience though!

I actually didn't want to eat the fish and spinach last night it was like "gees do I have to eat this".

So I'll wait until tonight to see what I feel like when it comes to Meal time.

I can see myself getting fed up with Chicken/Fish however and hope it will move me onto SS full-time. You never know, its taken me a year to get there and on/off/on/off the wagon.

Im defo on it now!

duna duna duna duna dun, I knew that I would.....duna duna duna dun, I feeeeel good, duna duna duna dun, I knew that I would now! So good, So good I've lost some lbs, dun dun dun dun dun dun!

Sorry! Had to do it, woke up this morning and thought hey why not step on the scales and its gone doooooown so much I can't quite believe it. My scales are completely haywire, like me!, so im going by my clothes and yes i've got into a pair of trousers which were a no no!.

Im going to need cdc supplies soon so I'll wait to update my ticker when i've been on her scales. but its got to be at least 1/2 a stone in 5 days - am chuffffffffffed.

Ice, thanks for recommending 790 for someone who was struggling like me! TA MATE

Once I was afraid, I was petrified, kept thinking I could never get back on this CD thing, but I met this bloke called Mike and he showed me the way, and i grew strong, and I'll know I'll get along!...............and so im back, and lost some weight - oh i'll just stop I could be here all day hahahahah

What is wrong with me this morning! Karaoke at Nuts!

Sounds like you're on ketosis high today (never achieved that myself and was seriously miffed).
I'm sure having a bit of food is really useful for many people, Cambridge don't seem to advertise that option well enough, you know you tell friends what diet you're doing and they say, "Oh I tried that 20 years ago, just soups and shakes, no way I'd go there again". And then you try to explain it doesn't have to be like that but their prejudices are fixed.
Hey nuts a big hello to a fellow day 5r

You should be singing ....then a got high then a got high then a high :D:D:D

Cause you certainly sound on a high!

Well done for getting to day 5 :D
hey nuts!

i am on day two of the 790 plan after re starting more times then i want to think, day 1 was so easy and today (day 2 ) i feel full of energy am i finally feel like i can get somewhere!!!

can' wait to get to day 5 ( fingers crossed) have not got there for a long time!!!!:) :) :) :) :)
Thanks people.

I agree Clare - they don't advertise 790 much I think its because SS is the best way for some. I think 790 is the way to go for re-starters who struggle! DEFO!

The weightloss is more or less the same and to be honest Im not rabidly hungry to eat the meal in the evening either, so no doubt on occasions i'll miss it out.

So maybe if you want to SS but just can't get past day 2 say, this might help get you there! Losing weight whilst getting there so to speak.

I used to beat myself up so much that i wasn't ss'ing when all on DH etc were when if i'd just chilled out a bit and just had some food/with shakes eventually i could have probably dropped the food. Dumb ass I am kept having last weeks, starts on Mondays, binges on Tuesdays.

Still im here on day 5, in a pair of trousers that i'd purchased for my hols in August but never worn as they were ping button tight. So im chuffed. and ON A HIGH! hahahah

Can't wait for two weeks to be out the way hmmm that will feel fab!

I've been fantasising about wearing my skinny jeans and knee length black boots today, going to london with OH and shopping for clothes - hmmm must get saving!

Have a fabulous day all - especially if you've restarted recently - WE CAN AND WILL DO THIS!

My test is coming its called THE WEEKEND!

Strawberry & Kiwi Perfectly Clear

Water wise FF&F been looking everywhere for S & K perfectly clear but can't seem to find it. Loads of the other favours but not that one where did you get yours from?
Kam x

Asda sell it, and, apparantly some Iceland stores have it on a Buy One Get One Free offer at the moment!

ONLY the strawberry & kiwi is ok as far as I know and it is DEFINITELY allowed... my CDC told me about it and I drink pint for pint water and PClear. LOVELY!!! Really sweet tasting too! :p

I have a cash'n'carry card so am going to take a trip over there tomorrow morning and see how much it costs in bulk - if you have a friendly corner-shop owner or know someone who might have a card for a cash'n'carry it would be worth asking them to get some for you!

I get the feeling it's going to be as rare as rocking-horse poo!!:eek: ;) Might be worth asking your local supermarket to stock it for you and let them know that if they do there will be others on CD who will buy it too!

Last time I went to Asda I got the only bottle left so, as I am down to my last 3 it's time to restock! Hope you find some soon!:D
I've been fantasising about wearing my skinny jeans and knee length black boots today, going to london with OH and shopping for clothes - hmmm must get saving!

Excellent! All the money you will save from not stocking up on junk food and sweets and takeaways... if you can work it out... try and put that aside and I bet (if you were anything like me) it will soon mount up!!:D

have a fab weekend! You're so right WE CAN DO THIS!!!:D