Day 5 on cambridge and feel crap!!!

After years of been over weight and doing any diet going, i decided that enough is enough of being fat. I also have a hen do booked for july and all the girls going are no bigger than a size 10:sigh:.

I had my fourth child 5 months ago and now feel i need to sort myself out. I started the Cambridge diet on the 8th of Jan, and have been suffering since:cry:.
I know this is my first week and thats normally the worst for any diet, but i so want to eat..... i'm not going to but i'm fighting some demonds to resist:eek:...!! I am also having a lot of problems with mood swings.... which is not good when it is my family copping for it!

I'm new to this site so would apreciate any help on how to get the best of it. i'm on here looking for like minded people who like me are suffering in the endevour to be socaily accepted without being judged.:mad:
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Hi. Don't worry - you are not alone in this. Pop on over to the Cambridge diet forum (you posted in the Lipotrim section) and you will find likeminded (and equally stressed!) people to chat with...and you won't be judged.


Hiya and welcome to minimins... 5 days is still a really short time on CD and you may or may not be in ketosis yet. Hopefully you will feel great soon and the weight will be dropping off ya :D

It does work just stick with it and after your weigh in ur losses will give you a high ;):D

Gen xx

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Just stick with it you'll feel better in no time and the mood swings should mostly disappear. I was fine after day 6-7.Goodluck.:)


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I had bad mood swings first time round and being a single mum, my poor girls were the only ones around to cop for it. This time round, i know what to expect and have pre warned my kids so if they see me getting a bit ratty, they go and play in their playroom or watch a film (generally stay out of my way) untill it passes, which it will after a few days.....stick with it hun, as long as your family are aware that it's hard for you and give you lots of support, you will be fine and the weight will drop off!
Good luck
Amanda xxxxxx
can any of you tell me how i add the things to the bottom of the page like all you have..... i'm new and have no idea lol!!! Help!
Thanks for all the support x


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you need to have posted 50 times then you can add the ticker etc

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