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Day 5


Strong women stay slim
Hi everyone
I'm starting to except that my eating habbits have to stay like this for as long as i can..... After say 3-4 weeks i'll start to add a meal chicken salad or fish with veg and of course other meals to For 1 week, then go back to 3 shakes aday and if i need to, a slim fast snack bar at 99 cals also.... like what i have been doing .
I really don't like to plan because plans always never go to plan but i'm aiming this way .
So today i had
Breakfast slim fast shake strawberry
Lunch Slim fast bar
Dinner slim fast shake strawberry
Snack bar slim fast 99 cals
Hope you are all doing well!
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Hi missleo

Just had my first wi yesterday after 8 days ssing and i have lost 8 1bs.
i agreed with cdc to switch to the 790 plan as i thought it would be more sustainable for me, so last night had a nice bit of chicken and veg and blow me i have put on 2 1bs already now i feel in limbo, now i dont know what to do cause i'm thinking am i going to just put this weight back on at he same rate i lost. god i am confused this morning.



Strong women stay slim
Hi Jot , you will see your body will sort itself out , but a low cal diet and chicken fillet and veg will not long term put weight on you give it some time , well done on the 8lb loss woohooo


Strong women stay slim
Sometimes they have if you have not lost any weight to trick the body with food , really do a plan and write everything you are eating down and then post on here , Also time of the month that can put say 7 pounds on some people then days later it sorts itself out . you must just carry on otherwise you will go back to your old ways then be more hurt
yeah i was a bit dissapointed but i am just going to be really carefull may be just have salad each night with a piece of fish or chicken and little balsamic. just going to dig deeper because i have to learn to behave myself with food. They say every cloud has a silver lining and this one certainly does, toilet need i say more bloody marvelous,.



Strong women stay slim
Well just avoid carbs because not only does it make you gain it also makes you more hungry , so bread rice potatoes them sort of things . Hey i will look out for you but i have got to go to the shop and sort out sky bill they keep billing me to much they must owe me now arrrr .
Keep posting ok !