Day 5

Discussion in 'Cambridge Weight Plan' started by duncan, 11 January 2014 Social URL.

  1. duncan

    duncan Silver Member

    Day 5 today and I am so struggling, I'm not hungry at all, I have the gremlin in my head saying "just eat it and start again tomorrow" and the angel in my head is saying "no don't do it". I feel like I could cry right now :(
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  3. jenm

    jenm Full Member

    Same here think it's a Saturday night thing! My boyfriend has eaten loads today & thoughts are going through my head that I could just order a pizza or chippy & start again tomorrow. But I've just made my last pack to take the thought of hunger away.

    Think how bad you'll feel once you've eaten food & how disappointed you'll feel in the morning that your having to start all over again. Be strong & just remember why your doing this, where did eating get you before?

    I have lost a lot of weight in 2010 with lighter life & I keep reminding myself how good it felt and looking at pictures of me then, 5.5stone lighter. Makes me stay focused. Good luck :)
  4. leehal

    leehal Full Member

    Be strong, it will be worth it.

    I am on day 4 and have started making a list of the foods I fancy when I can eat again, planning to eat them in moderation though!
  5. duncan

    duncan Silver Member

    Thank you to you both for the kind words of encouragement. I didn't cave in. I did it. :)
  6. FunnyFarm

    FunnyFarm Silver Member

    Yay! Well done! Remember this victory and it'll keep you stronger next time you waver.

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