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Day 5


Is back in the saddle!
Did you know, if I drive a car I might crash and DIE!!!!

You're doing fine doing as it should be! This diet is not the new kid on the block and thousands of us have done it and are on it.
Also the way I look at it my health is in far more jeopardy with a BMI of over 35 which it was when I started.

By the way this is Day 5 , have checked my urine and I'm in Ketosis but am still very tired and extremely hungry. Does this get better or will I be tired and hungry for the entire 12 weeks ?


Is back in the saddle!
The hungry will pass as you become used to burning your own fat stores.

The tiredness, I'll be honest with you, should go too but for some it doesn't. It's almost a three way split. Some go euphoric and have never felt so good, some just feel average and some do suffer a little with the aches, pains and tiredness. Not too sure how much is state of mind and how much is physical. I'm a middle of the road person but nearly fell asleep yesterday a couple of times and this morning I could have run a marathon!

Take each day as it comes, you're always moving forward toward your goal that way.
Yep, agree with you there FT.

Though, I think in many cases, it is often brought on by thoughts. We as humans can convince ourselves of kjust about anything if we tell ourselves something enough times.

Thats why I awlays stress a positive attitude is key to this diet. There just isn't any room for anything but.

Like the old saying goes:

"If you tell yourself you can, and you can tell yourself you cannot. Either way, you will be right."