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Day 6 and another STS :(


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So got on the scales this morning full of excitement because I had STS yesterday and I got another STS! This is only my first week folks and I've only lost 5lb so far... I know I don't have what some would consider loads of weight to lose but to me it's like climbing Everest ....Feeling terribly disheartened :cry:
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Oh wkdstepmum please don't get disheartened!!

Five pounds loss so far this week is amazing as you rightly point out you don't have huge amounts to lose.
There would be something wrong if you lost 13/14lbs in a week.
Are you weighing yourself everyday? I think if you are that is adding to your stress and is not good for you. I've got over 100 pounds to lose but am only weighing and measuring myself once a week as it can fluctuate during week giving odd readings.

You are doing brilliantly and are so close to goal you can smell it!! Keep going.

Chrissy x
Try and only weigh yourself once a week. Its more exciting when you see the results at end of the week. Also by weighing yourself everyday you will dishearten yourself when you stay the same and will b more likely to full off the wagon. I know its hard not to peek!:p
hey hun, looks like we are in the same place. Try not to worry - you've done great so far and you've got this far so stick with it. 5lbs is a great loss. Try taking measurments to see if that boosts you a bit. I STS yesterday so took measurements and had lost 1 inch from hips, bust and tummy and 1.5 from thighs so even if the scales havent said you have lost maybe the inches will.
keep going this is doable


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Starlight said:
Being realistic youre NOT going to see a loss every day!! Stay off the scales, weigh in once a week!
Very true I can STS for days even go up occasionally, if it's making you feel bad don't stand on them! Standing on the scales every day does not help your weight loss after all


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God girls, so glad I have this place! Logged in, saw all your messages, kept me from ringing for food GENUINELY! You're all right of course, I'll weigh tomorrow as it is the end of my 1st week and then leave it another 7 days x Horrible feeling being hungry and craving and STS-ing but was a worse feeling being 5lbs heavier than I am now!
SO glad you're feeling OK again wkd :D I know it can get really tough especially when it's something this harsh and I'm sure it doesn't help when people say "but you don't have a lot to lose" because however much you have to lose, it's weight that you're unhappy with! I think the trick with exante is remembering that usually, on another eating plan, we may lose 1-2 lbs a week possibly a bit more and we all havesuch high expectations of exante because it's tough when actually, for your weight 5lbs would be a fab loss anyway!! Stick with it, it WILL WILL WILL be worth it! :D xxx
Oh, and if it helps, I've been having a bit of an affair with the scales this week and am only a pound down so far so I too and going to fight the feeling of disappointment and remember that it WILL come off, it's out of my hands but it definitely will as will yours. :) xx


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Thanks Bouncy, yeah people always say, 'You're not really overweight' and actually I think 'technically' I'm not but I am!!! And it's so important to me to lose the weight I gained when I went through a bad time because it was emotional gain, shedding it will help me start afresh x Losing this last 15lbs is more than just weight to me, it's a massive hurdle that is just stopping me from healing. Thanks for your support, I am so determined, just had a bit of a wobble!!! :)
Like you keep saying,losing that last little bit is much more important than eating rubbish and knocking you off track! OK - wobble over, now head down and shift those pounds!!!!! lol I have to say, you DO sound really positive and I think using that fact that it's JUST 15lbs will help you! Best of luck (although you don't need it) xxx


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GOD! I actually made a mistake! I started last Wednesday, NOT last Tuesday...all that water seems to have gone to my brain!!! So technically today was my week1 weigh-in....and I've lost 6lbs which is just fine! Whinge over! Silly me :) Thanks for all the support girls, genuinely couldn't have done it without you x
Woohoo well done on your 6lb loss :D

Hide your scales if you need to, I used to weigh every day and it would annoy me no end if I had a STS, especially in the 1st week of a diet.
So this time as I'm only weighing in every 2 weeks my friend has stolen my scales til weigh day!
YEAY!!! Well done lady! That's brilliant! See, all that panic for nothing!! Awww I'm so pleased for you! Just 14lbs to go! WOOHOOOO! :D :D :D xxxx


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woooooOOOOooooOOO!!!!! I'll get there....whatever it takes!!! :) xxx
I don't doubt that for a minute! I think it'll be hard for you to NOT get there if you're following exante! IT'S BRILLIANT! x Good luck for the next week xx


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Thanks BB!!! x You're a star!

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