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Day 6 and feel low

Last few days have been so hard, have done ss 100% and and been drinking loads but am totally exhausted when I'm normally always on the go. Even my husband commented on my lack of energy and he has been so supportive but he's worried it's making me I'll. Does this pass? Don't want to give up but with 3 small kids to run around after need energy. Any advice would be great x
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your energy will kick in anytime now. Try and delegate a few jobs around to save you getting stressed. are you in ketosis? I have finished first - was thrilled to loose 7.5 lbs and am feeling much better now. Apparently in the second week, energy kicks in. Take care Chris x


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I definitely feel better second week. Also bear in mnd you've made a huge lifestyle change, it's bound to affect your mood.

When do you weigh in? Tomorrow?


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Hi Vicky, how's it going?

We must be on pretty much the same day (this is day 12 for me). My biggest problem is that I'm bored with my choice of hot drink options. I can't do back tea or coffee and am limited to red bush, peppermint/& nettle and lemongrass. I've had a couple of my shake packs as hot chocs, but I'm not keen on the soups and it's been sooooo cold some days/evenings that I've wanted something really warming.

How are you finding it now?

C x
Hi I'm on day 20 now and still struggling, I'm just having choc and strawberry flavour as they are the only ones I like. I just really miss food and to no I'm only 3 weeks in is hard. How are you doing ? What's yr loss so far? Just think soon we will look like different people when the weight comes off x


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Hi Vicky

I'm on day 16 and have been doing fine until today. Today I have been hungry! :(

The weight loss is going well. As of yesterday (2 weeks) I've lost 21lb, which I find utterly amazing (although the scales have shown the same weight for 3 days now). I have my official weigh in tomorrow, so will see what CDC's scales say.

I'm doing ok on the packs so far, I like more than I dislike, so I have a good variety to choose from. I should be getting some bars tomorrow, which will make a nice change although I have heard that they can affect your loss rate, so i'll have to see how it goes.

Have you tried the vegetable stock? I think my CDC is getting some in for me. The only thing is, they cost about £6.50 and if you don't like it it's a complete waste of money. (I hated the Sunshine Orange and only had one teaspoon).

Stick with it, the results are worth it!

C x

The first 10 days are a nightmare for me. I tioo suffered low mood from nearly the end of day four.

I am dreading it.
Starting tomorrow - day 1.

Will post lots and get to goal weight..

Good luck


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Wishing you good luck Sole Source Restarter.

C x
Hi this is my day 6 and feeling very low and have been feeling quite ill. I;m new to this forum and havent ever done this before or this diet, it is very hard. I'm finding it a struggle to through. I go back to my consultant on monday and am worried if I will be able to last till then. When does this ketosis kick in


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Hi Thaper,

If you have stuck to plan, then you should already be in ketosis, it usually kicks in around day 3 or 4. I felt crummy for about 3 days, really bad headaches which I would wake up with and couldn't get rid of, and cold and tired all the time. The headaches were probably due to carb withdrawal and the other symptoms all part of going into ketosis.

Stick with the plan - I had my first official weigh-in after 10 days and somehow or other I managed to lose 17lbs!!! At my week 3 weigh-in I had lost 26lbs, so only 2lbs to go to the 2 stone mark.

Can you text or call your counsellor and let him/her know you are struggling? I am sure they will have lots of words of support for you.

If not, take a look through the threads here, the people are lovely and very supportive.

C x
hey guys. im pretty much in the same boat. on day 4 and just feeling awful but i know it will pass. i just dont remember it being this hard last time(4 yrs ago i did for 6 weeks). feeling really tired emotional and freezing cold despite the fact that i live in the middle east and its 42 outside. that can only be a good thing tho as it should mean im hitting ketosis. i dont have any ketostix, but judging by what everyone else is describing.i reckon i must be. oh and something died in my mouth:p


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You're right Sunshineeyes, stay strong and stick with it and you will feel better soon.

C x
Hi all,
nice to read this thread it is very encouraging, however I've been starving today and had just ploished 6 strawberries and a satsuma.
Now I feel guilty, but I have only had one ss soup at lunch time, so I think I've justified it.

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