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Day 6 and feeling down!

Hi all.. Just thought i'd come on here and have a lillte moan.. After a horrible day y.day when i forgot to bring my shakes to work i was soooooo hungry and ready to give up.. but didn't, thought I might feel lots better today after some sleep but I still feel sluggish and light headed, i've been drinkin over 2litres of water a day and i'm not that hungry where I would give in, I think i'm just missing the social events with friends more than anything! Got my first weigh in tomoro so hopefully that should give me my motivation back! Figured out i'm going to stay on 100% TFR until just after my payday (another 4 weeks) which should hopefully mean I can go out and buy lots of new smaller clothes :) moan over!
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Hi Clare,

I've had those days too, what gets me through then and makes me carry on is, my clothes hanging off me, my OH, a pic of my wedding dress that I HAVE to fit into by Oct, minimins and all you wonderful ladies, weekly weigh ins...and finally the knowledge that this diet is temporary and that healthy eating will soon replace it!!! What you are doing now is so good for your overall health!!
I hope u've lost loads at your weigh in hun xxx
Hey :) thanks for your support!
You've done amazing on your weight loss I hope I can do just as well!
I'm really looking forward to trying new healthier food when I come off LT also! I am such a fussy eater and think thats my problem as my diet before consisted of 90% carbs as I don't like red meat, fish or veg.. but i'd do anything to be able to eat some brocolli now lol. I might appreciate healthy food more when I come off this and maybe one day I can be 9st again (I hope)
Thanks again
Keep going hun - it is a bugger of a diet and we all feel like poop on it at times. Just keep the goal in your head - be it a big one or a little one. I can't imagine my end goal so I have small ones - like getting in to the gorgeous jeans in my wardrobe that I've never worn!

Keep up the good work, get your water intake up to 3-4 litres and 9 stone here you come! xxx
Hi Clare,
I know there is nothing wrse than being a fussy eater and I know carbs are so versatile but when you finish 100% tfr you'll have to have smaller amounts of them!! Would you try beans and lentils, they can be cooked to soak up any flavour like curry, chilli, garlic, so delicious, also chicken breasts can be very versatile...you'll have to try to be less fussy! Even though I know what you mean about some foods, I think I'd rather my shakes than ever eat kippers or makerel!!! Good luck with getting to the 9stone hun you CAN do it! xx
Thanks huni :)
i'm going to try drinking more water see if that helps in any way! My main goal is not to wobble when i'm in a bikini on holiday lol
But even getting clothes 1 size smaller would make me super happy!
Have you ever been on other diets before ie- Slimming world, weight watchers.. as i'm going to sign up to one when I get back off my hols i'm just not sure which one?!
I thought beans were quite high i carbs? My diet before was.. toast for breakfast, chicken sandwich for dinner with crisps, and for tea i'd have chicken with pasta/rice/crusty bread/chips lol and in between that more packets of crisps. It is going to be hard to cut down on the carbs but hopefully i'll be more open to trying different veg as I'm guessing anything will taste better than the shakes! but like you say shake over mackerel or kippers anyday lol. My mum makes an amazing veg soup thats purely veg and veg stock blended down which really fills you up so I might try having that at least once a day also!
Hi Clare,
Well I haven't been on any 'diet' before this, not one with such discipline or weekly weigh ins but I have counted calories and managed to lose 2stone before only to get rid of my little calories counting book and pile that weight and more on. Now I've seen the pitfalls there so I have decided what works for me is discipline and structure so I will look at maintenace as healthy eating for live and not oh I had cereal and an apple for breakfast so I can have a bag of chips and a burger for lunch. I am going to, for the most part, be cooking everything myself from scratch, using LOW GI foods, not going to be a carboholic, introduce foods I wouldn;t normally eat, fish etc. I'm also not going to snack on unhealthy foods like crisps, chocolate etc. I think the slimming world and weight watchers are excellent groups so I would 100% recommend them, my mother lost 4stone with ww over 18months....she put it all back on mind you because she slipped back into old eating habits...I must say I think it comes down to persoanl attitudes towards eating, your body, good food, appreciation of food and meal times, and good overall sense of health and wellbeing. I have myself all psyched up for refeed and maintenance I just hope that I can be as good I want to be! Its a tough road though this maintenace lark, I have a feeling 100% tfr is a doodle compared to it!! Good luck Clare xx
Hi Hun,

Beans are low gi and keep you fuller longer, beans on toast (wholemeal brown) is a great meal, low fat, good protein (the protein in bread and beans complement each other making a complete protein) high fibre, filling and satisfying, inexpensive and can be thrown together a 2mins! Even adding a small can of kidney beans or chickpeas to chicken breasts would bulk out a stew, add extra fibre etc. I'm a big bean fan lol! I love those veggie soups they are very nutritous too, I especially love the spicy veg one, with a really low calorie value, good to start a meal with a cup of it, all counts towards your 5 a day too!
I hope all these good intentions stay when I'm finished 100%!!!
Just reading your before menu Clare and I have to say it looks a lot like mine!! I was a crisp addict and would have crisps at least 2 times a day!!! Now I just imagine a clogged up artery and rolls of fat...puts me off those crisps a treat!
haha crisps are my worst enemy! I was thinkin of having ricecakes instead of crisps but not too sure of the carbs in these?!
I know my diet was shocking before and its only since doing this that I've realised where i've gone wrong, I used to stuff myself with bread, pizza and pasta until I couldn't move then feel horrible for hours after, but now I know what real hunger feels like and just how little of something can fill you up i'm determined to stay healthy! I love beans on toast so will definately be eating that more. What does this low GI foods thing you mention mean?
I don't like ricecakes, I think they are unsatisfying and taste like iron! I think they are also high in carbs but low in fat but I'm not certain of that. I have my snack attack all prepared already...when I feel I must have a snack because I'm a long way off my next meal or I don't want to ruin my diet by leaving myself so hungry that I'll binge I'm going to have one ryvita with either: homemade hummus...mmm...or one ryvita with low fat philadephia and cherry tomatoes, cucmber etc. If I want a carb free snack then I will have a slice of ham with tomatoes.
Low Gi is basically an eating plan that allows for a slower release of energy from food so that you feel fuller longer. Its based on glycaemic index and all foods are given a gi (glycaemic index) score. Low gi foods would include: protein (generally) fats (be careful with these though) high fibre carbs like bran and porridge, wholegrains etc. High GI foods would include: baguette, mashed potatoes (the cooking process can alter the gi value of the food too) watermelon (there is a surprise) sweetcorn, parsnips, chips, crisps, cakes.
Now in reality we cannot adhere to low gi foods solely but if you follow the 80/20 rule with low gi you should lose weight. You can also lower the gi value of a meal by adding a squeeze of lemon juice or a dash of vinegar....starngely you can lower the gi of a fish and chip supper by adding vinegar...now I'm not advocating that you should eat fish'n'chips all the time but perhaps you could bake a piece of cod and bake a jacket potatoe and squeeze some lemon on the fish and make a small salad with balsamic vinegar...that would be a healthy option. Instead of mash have plain boiled potatoes, instead of white bread switch to wholemeal (the whiter the bread the sooner you'll be dead), use basmati or brown rice instead of regular white rice. Pasta has a medium GI score making it a good choice if paired with protein and low gi veg.
Hope some of this helps hun...p.s. extra dark chocolate is low gi...and extra dark chocolate is so bitter you'd only eat a square but still get that chocolate hit :)
Thanks for that info it will be really useful for when I come off LT :)
I noticed that you have lost every week..have you stuck to it since day one? I don't feel like i'm getting any stronger :(
I haven't had a morsel passed my lips since 9th f March I've been 100%...I almost ate a piece of radish while I was making salad for my DH. I drink plenty of water drink maybe 1 or 2 coffees a day and there haven been2 or 3 days where I missed a shake because of sheer exhaustion and needing to go to bed. Also the period since I've started LT has been the mot stressful of my life workwise so I must say staying on it has been the least stressful thing going on.
I have always lost because I stick to the programme by the letter because I feel I'm investing a lot into it, time, effort, energy, money, sacrifice, and if I'm going to do it I'm going to do it right. I don't get major food cravings, I sometimes crave eggs or nuts but I get passed it. I know you are not supposed to weigh yourself in between weigh ins but I always do...I weighed myself thi morning and I was 10'12! I'm thrilled this is a real milestone for me because I've never been as thin before!!
Thats amazing :) well done!!
I'm ok when i'm at home..its at work I find it really hard because due to the nature of my job there can be days that go by when I have nothing to do..where i previously would of ate!
I'm not going to give up until my BMI is at least 'healthy', as like you say even though ive been only been on it for a week.. its been bloody tough! and its just complete wasted effort if I cheat!
I weigh myself several times a day which I know is bad! Going to try not doing that after my official weigh in tomoro.
I can't believe how much weight you have lost! It's brilliant :)
I'm still getting stomach ache and going light headed, although I wouldn't say i'm hungry.. going to see if some decent sleep this wknd helps me!
p.s surely that wedding dress can't be far off now :D
I know what you mean about the boredom factor and eating...I have gotten over this with coffee, googling pics of my wedding dress :) and drinking water.
Its pointless breaking it, mind you this is easier said than done!! when h2b has his dinner I smell it! I'm happy with that thugh because I was sick of being heavy and having a fat face. The face was the thing that upset me the most, all my pics my face is huge. Now its way smaller!!
I had my measurements taken in the bridal shop last week and I am one inch too big on my waist for the dress and 2 on my hips but the bust is fine so I've a bit of a way to go, the lady said they are always usually altered anyway so don't worry about it!! Yippee can't wait!!
Have you started using the fibreclear yet?
My body shape is soooo different from top to bottom, up top my arms are skinny, my boobs are only an a/b cup, my waist is tiny... then downwards is huuuuuuge! lol but the weight seems to be going off my tummy which isn't my biggest problem! grrr!
do you have any pics of yourself on here?
I started using fibreclear y.day.. when did you use it from?
What does you OH think of your brill weight loss?
My body shape is soooo different from top to bottom, up top my arms are skinny, my boobs are only an a/b cup, my waist is tiny... then downwards is huuuuuuge! lol but the weight seems to be going off my tummy which isn't my biggest problem! grrr!
do you have any pics of yourself on here?
I started using fibreclear y.day.. when did you use it from?
What does you OH think of your brill weight loss?
That happened to me in week two last time i did lipotrim, I cant wait for it again :p

Im eyeing up two tops Im DYING to get into again :p
Hi Johnie!
I'm sure you'll be there before you know it!
Have you set yourself some targets yet?
Body shape changed for me big time too! I went from a 38 E to a 34 DD/D. My tummy, face, boobs, legs have lost weight but my bum and arms are still too big!! H2B is delighted for me because he thought that it was so severe and unnecessary to do such a drastic diet but I had to have a heart to heart with him about how I felt about my body from a very young age, how I was humiliated as a child, ridiculised as a teenage and he was so upset for me and he is so proud and happy for me that I'm shedding it. He calls me skinny now!!
I started using fibreclear a few WEEKS in and boy was I sorry about not 'discovering' it before...I had a thread on here called fear factor in the bathroom and it literally was that....I had an awful time but thankfully, thanks t all the lovey minimins I orted my problem,...I was just going to enlighten you about it but yoour pharamacist is obviously on it!!
I've no pics yet....I'm waiting for the final!!! Actually I was looking at some pics of me back in Feb, I was on hols in Bruges and I was HUGE....14stone 13! my face is so fat my arms look so flabby. Then again in Bruges I ate everything...huge fried breakdfasts with eggs bacon waffles cream...yes all for breakfast. Then we'd go for hot choclate with extra cream for elevenses. Then at luch we'd have chips, deep fried cheese, mayo, beer!! Well then we'd drop off into a pub around the 4ish mark and have some Belgian beer and snacks, usually, deep fried meat croquettes with mayo, blocks of cheese, salami etc. The dinner would be abut 8-9ish and we'd have slap up meal, steak potatoes veg wine....seriously and I would be sitting there thinking I was being very good not ordering dessert! Oh when I think of it, it was horriffic!! OH has lost 3lbs too since I've started! He didn't need t put he weighed himself this morning and he was down 3lbs!!
I think the secret to ur success when we finish LT will be our ability to choose the right foods and have smaller portions and if you want a treat, share it with someone. Also as a fellow crisp addict I know I will eventaully have some my plan is t open a small 25g pack, put a few in a separate bowl and put the rest away for later, then eat them slowly!! I have all these 'plans'!
I bet you will have lots gone tomorrow for weigh in, I never drink or have my shakes before weigh in to see my maximum loss!!
Please let me know how u get on with it!!

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