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Day 6 and struggling...Advice appreciated :-)


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Hi all,

I am on day 6 of my WW return. I went to my first class on Thursday and have been really good since Monday. However, I am struggling :/ When I started first time around, I was 12 stone+ and breastfeeding so I had 32 points a day. Obviously as I lost weight I lost points and when I got to goal I stopped following the plan.

Now I have started again but all I have is 19 points....and I am finding it hard. Going from eating what I want to 19 points is a killer. I am finding I no longer have time for my pudding in the evening (3 points) OR points for wine :/. I know the key to this is going to be exercise and earning points but I work really long hours and have children so slotting exercise in is a nightmare :/ I was just wondering if anyone had any tips. A typical day consists of:

Cereal (Oats so Simple/shreddies etc) (3)

Low fat sandwich (4) and WW cheese curls (1) Yoghurt or fruit (1)

I tend to use around 10 points before dinner

So I have 9 points for tea. I tend to use around 7 points for tea and that leaves just 2 points for extras. Days like today I NEED my treats. I am actually going over 1 point today because I have to have a desert tonight :/

Is anyone else on low points like this? How do you survive? I feel like I am eating nothing lol.

Heeeeelllllllp:sigh: (Please...)
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Lovin it !!! :)
I think the key is finding lots of low point items to fill up on & maybe making some 0 point soup too to fill up on

2 satsumas & 5 plums are only 1 point in total - crispbreads are much lower than sandwiches - I much prefer quantity myself so that I can graze all day long

dessert wise I would suggest sugar free jelly 0 points - most ww yogurts are only 1/2 - 1 point each - meringue nests are 1/2 point each - all very low but can bulk mealtimes out

Hope this helps xx


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Hey i'm on 18 points a day used to struggle but as fitz said try snacking on low point things. I tend to snack on fruit but only buy peaches, kiwis, apples, satsumas, stawberries or raspberries as they are all 0.5 points each where as grapes and bananas are 1-1.5 points every little half point counts! I also find water fills me drink try to drink a couple of litres a day, Also bulk up meals with veg. I also have a sweet tooth, the shape lasting satisfaction yoghurts are 1 point and very creamy, also multi packs e.g flakes and crunchies are only 3points :) xx


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Weight watchers yougurts are only 0.5 points and if you go for the toffee ones its like havin your pudding

Or theres the bars you buy from meetings 1.5 a bar wonderful for a snack

Pink and whites (u know those marshmallow with the wafers) 0.5 points mmmm

I also love the sweets u get from meeting 1 point a box, i cant eat a whole box

I am currently on extra points for bf and am dreading stopping

I always make sure I have my treats

Even if it means my snacks for the day are cooked mushrooms with salad

Dont forget to really make the most of low or 0 point recipes, soup theres so many options for making ur own 0 point soups, rattatoulli is 0 points, veggie curry

Grilled chicken breast with loooooooooads of veg 2.5 points

Good luck hon


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Hi Lea

All good suggestions above but if you can't manage 19 points then start at 24 say just to get you going. I should think you were probably eating more than this before so will still loose. Then bring it down a point each 1-2 weeks until you're at 19. Better to cut back than to start at 19 and give in. Personally I never dropped points when it said I should and lost consistently. I just lowered them as and when I could.

Good luck



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S: 84.82kg C: 78.02kg G: 68.04kg BMI: 29.1 Loss: 6.8kg(8.02%)
Thanks guys. I think you are right. I need to stock up on lower pointed foods. At least then I can have something sweet if I need too. I made a nice low point pasta soup last night which meant I got to have my WW pudding. YAY!

Fitz - I have some satsumas now for after my lunch ;-)

Louisa - I have a small problem in that I do not really like any 0 point foods. I like Carrot and lettuce and could manage cucumber but that is it :/ I have started eating green beans but the rest I just can't do. I wish I could. Hopefully this diet will help me open up a bit. I NEED to learn to eat better somehow.

M, that is a good idea actually and if I continuw to struggle I might go up to even just 21 points. That would help. I stayed within my points yesterday so I was pleased with that. I know I just need to get used to eating less and I also need to eat better lower pointed foods! I am feeling a little better about it now though. Feel slimmer already! Hope you are doing ok xxx


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Hi Hun
Great to see you back posting again, I no how hard it is as when i done ww i was on 19 points and couldnt eat much for it thats why im doing sw.
Keep up the good work x


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glad your feeling a bit better about it now well done staying within your points keep it up! :) x


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You don't have much to lose.. you won't be doing it for long :) Then you can have those very important 6 maintenance points again!


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S: 84.82kg C: 78.02kg G: 68.04kg BMI: 29.1 Loss: 6.8kg(8.02%)
Hi Gemma, nice to see you. How are you getting on at SW? You look fantastic in your profile pic :)

Thanks Lindsay :D

Karen, I know I would love to do that. I can only really do that at the weekend :/ I do have an exercise bike that I can get back on if the weight loss is not great. I will see how the next few weigh ins go :/

Jess - that is where I went wrong last time. I did not follow the points once i got to goal. I thought i could go it alone. uh-oh. We all know how that worked out hey?

Thanks guys. It's been really helpful.


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I am on 19 points and I use filling foods to make the bulk of my meals
that way I really do feel full on as little as 14 points so have lots of room for treats
I also attempt to get at least two points a day on exercise


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Can you not hide the veggies in a nice curry

then you can make it as flavoursome as you like and u wont taste the veg, just slop in a tin of toms corriander, cumin ginger pepper salt and chilli powder to taste and bung in your veggies add one tea spoon of garam musala when its cooked

if you use a slow cooker then add 300 ml of stock and cook for several hours and then the flavours of the curry goes right into the veggies

it might sound silly but try googling ideas for hiding veggies for kids too might come in handy

wilyn 205

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hi ,JUST BEEN TO my 1st meeting today the leader told me to eat plenty of lower point things ie fruit veg etc so your points go further
im on20pts see how it goes tommorrow just getting my head round it to day


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Hey lea just to let you know shany has started another thread with our race to goal on it, its on page 1 now ive added to it. Hope you are doing good..i put on a pound this week!
so im letting the side down already..oh dear! x


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S: 84.82kg C: 78.02kg G: 68.04kg BMI: 29.1 Loss: 6.8kg(8.02%)
We'll get there Charly!

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