day 6 and struggling


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hi guys,

hope everyone is doing good, i am on day 6 and i am finding it very very hard today has been realy hard day for me i want to eat i feel so hungry weak and down. i keep thinking how the hell i am gona lose 3st witout eating its such a long time with no food.

I want to do this i want to be slim but i dont know if i am strong as you guys out there and keep going for such a long time.

i can not take my belly rumbling like mad all the time i hate this taste in my mouth and the smelly breath is doing my head in.

my head is buzzing i dont know wat to do, i was so close to giving up today, thanks to my husband i did not (bless him)

i go for my weigh in tomarrow i keep thinking shall i give it up or shall i carry on i dont no wat to do plz sum1 help me.

very depressed

Hey Ali

You have got through the roughest days, and are getting weighed tomorrow. Hold on, mate, it will be worth it.

* To get rid of the taste in your mouth,drink loads of water and brush your teeth through the day
* If your head is hurting, take a painkiller and try to chill for a while
* The rumbling tummy could be a call for water, so see if drinking helps.

More than anything you have come so far - don't you want to see what you have achieved this week? ((HUGS))
Hi Ali, Try and stick with it, it will be worth it, I'm on day seven and yesterday was TBH B****y awful!.But I woke up this morning and felt totally different, full of energy and really glad I didn't give up last night. Just wait til your weigh in,it'll be worth it,
Nikki x
Keep going girl. It will all be worth it at your weigh in tomorrow. Keep drinking the water - try adding some of the flavourings as I think it keeps me going. Especially if you've got a sweet tooth. And it helps you drink it quicker!

I always carry a breath freshener spray with me - so after your coffee and you have the bad taste in your mouth, it works wonders. Boots have them.

And I'm at the same stage as you - day 6. So pleeeeeeez keep going. I had the day you're having on day 4. It helps to chat to someone about it or come in here.

Hope I have helped. Stay strong! x x
Please WAIT...... xxx

Poor thing, here's a (((HUG)))

I think you need to take a couple of breaths, then wait - if you are feeling as miserable as giving up then perhaps you should ask yourself how important rapid weight loss is to you...??? If it the sole most important thing to you aside from family - I mean from a personal physical side then WAIT until you are weighed tomorrow. Afterall you've survived for 6 days another 1 wont hurt ;) ;) ;) !

If rapid weightloss & retraining isn't the most important then perhaps a more lenient programme would be more suitable, eg WW or Slimming World - if you're happy plodding then that's better for you.

I would never do anything that made me truly truly 'unhappy' & no one should. No one is here to judge you.

Russian Doll once quoted to me

'We stopped on our way to admire the view: it was rubbish ... so we've now packed away the picnic blanket and are carrying on with our journey!' :)

So whatever route you take every one here has a common bond to lose weight - however best it works for them!!!

Stay strong for a little while longer then see how you feel - you might find tomorrow you have an entirely different view.

Luv Clare xxx:) :) :)
Aww just hang on 1 day at least till your weigh in! I bet you that will help you keep going!

I haven't started yet, and am trying to prepare myself for the first week - but the thought of losing weight is exciting me so much!

it's got to be worth it!!

Please let us know how you get on tomorrow xx
aww thanks u guys,
I will be going to my weigh in 2marro and let u know how i have done, i just want to feel better i dont want to feel weak hope 2marro is gona be a better day.

i am scared i mite have not lost anything:eek: but i have not cheated once so must have lost sumthing rite:( i dont trust my scales they no good they said i have gained (Bloody scales)

i am hangging in there
Need-to-lose - you will be so glad that you've hung on in there. Think about what made you want to do this in the first place. It want make you feel any better but it might help your resolve. Most of us found there were a lot of days in the first 2 weeks were we felt we were climbing the walls and thought there was no way of getting through this. Believe it when everyone says there is light at the end of the tunnel because there really is and it does get hell of a lot easier. If you have stuck to it you should see a good loss tomorrow and it will help be more more determined. Just think of it a bit like the flu - treat the symptoms, drink plenty, take parecetamol and get as much sleep as your boddy tells you you need. I took to my bed for a couple of days because I felt rubbish. Some people have a tough time with Carb withdrawl and if you are anything like me I was a major Carb Junkie so it hit me harder.

Each day is a real achievement and you are already a good way through the worst. My thoughts are with you - hang on in there.