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Day 6 and the scales went up WTF sooo mad

Lisa D

Full Member
well done for getting through the first day, i've always found day 1 the hardest. It was my first day of restart yesterday too.

Good luck for the rest of the week!
im also on day one of my restart and its really hard to resist the temptation of food but we have to remember why were doing it in the first place and nothing tastes as good as the feeling of being slim lol and once we can get the first 3 or 4 days out of the way than hopefully we will be feeling fine and full of energy because i always find the first few days the hardest x
Well done to those completing day 1 !!!

Grit your teeth and hold in there for the first weigh in as the buzz is amazing for the loss ya gonna have!

Thanks for your replies everyone:D Well today is the start of day 3 and i am feeling good so far 6lb down :) I am really happy as this is the first time in ages that i have got this far without cracking, so heres to a great weigh in :D:D
Well done, after today is over for you (day 3) I really found it gets easier! And euphoria is the best side effect ever!
I am on day 2 of re-start and cant wait for day 3 or 4 when Ketosis kicks in and you feel sooooo much better! :)
You do, and you feel so good your not even tempted to quit. My advice to get through the first three days is to drink as much water as you can/is safe!
Yeah you are right the more i drink the easier the diet is think i have been drinking between 3-6 litres a day. Can hear my belly making all the weird noises again lol
Lol fair play six litres!
I have found when i am bigger i have to drink more water to keep the headaches at bay but i only do it for the first 3 days
So i am now on day 5 and so far so good not been the least bit tempted to eat anything:D Still feeling a bit lazy though, wondered when people start to feel energised?
So weighed myself yesterday on day 5 and the scales had sts but then this morning i weighed and i have gone up by 1lb i am not happy soooooo mad.:mad::mad::mad::mad:
Lol ignore the scales if you can

Best at the begining of sole sourcing to get weighed once a week by your CDC xxx

scales can rise and fall for various reasons
As above they rise and fall all the time, remember water adds weight!

if you check your scales regularly at home i would try not to take that to seriously and look more to your CDC's scales as the real result.

Lisa D

Full Member
Ditto what was said above, i'm always weighing myself and get very disheartened, I threatened to throw the battery away out of my scales yesterday but still haven't had the strength to do it yet although I know I should!

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