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Day 6 - Dicky Tummy

Hi all,

Before you continue reading I'll warn you this isn't a pleasant post. I'd rather not share this with the world but I will in the hope that someone can offer some guidance. I will bring it up with my CDC on Saturday anyway but was wondering if this is normal or not,

I'm coming to the end of the first week and I have to say that apart from peeing all the time (I'm condering attaching a hose so I'm not up and down all day), I've not really had any side effects. Apart from being a bit tired earlier in the week and the struggle to stop craving junk food at times it's not been too bad at all until this evening.

Before the diet I was a regular once or twice a day man. Then over the first half of the week I think there were a couple of days I didn't need to go at all and when I did they were certainly a fraction in size and a lot more solid. I'd been expecting a bit of constipation etc and if anything it's been a welcome break from my old routine as I often suffered with upset stomachs.

This evening I have had some terrible diahorrea though. Is this normal? No cramps or pains like I've had with tummy bugs. Just really really loose bowel movements and a couple of them. My stomach is currently telling me it wants another as well.

I have to say I did go a long time without any food packs today and feel a bit like I crammed them in late in the day. I had my first around 11:30, the 2nd about 4:30, then 8:00 & then about 10pm. They kicked in as I started to make the last pack so I'd only had 3. Could it be too much water in ratio to the packs in that I'd only had 3 packs on about 4 litres of water?

Any thoughts? Someone tell me it's normal! Sorry again for the crappy topic... (No pun intended... honest!!)
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Optifast Girl!
Just had round 3. I should have a massive loss tomorrow at this rate. Let's hope it's fat trying to find another way out!!!
I think you hit the nail on the head. Just the fat coming out. That's how i look at it anyway. I know my body went through that kind of detox in the beginning and still from time to time.
It also can be a side affect of constipation, dont worry it will pass(no pun intended)
Hope you get a fantastic weight loss!!


nearly there!! :)
ok im on ll but more or less sam thing anyways.
i find if im drinking a lot of water and have to leave my packs with longer lengths or if im hungry but cant actually get my pack till bout ten - twenty mins later i will get the same thing as u have described!!
im on week 7 this week and it can still happen on and off so honestly i wouldnt worry!! hope u have a good loss though xxx
Ive had this a few times in my 7 weeks, I just drink a little bit more water.

Hope weigh in goes well tomo

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Sometimes this happens to people in their first couple of weeks as their bodies adjust to CD being their source of energy. It is a shock to the body not to be provided with all it's food and having to work for energy by burning fat. Most people find after the first 2weeks their bodies have adjusted and got use to it, but for some it can continue occasionally.

It may also be a concentration of vitamins/minerals etc - try halving your packs and having smaller more regular shakes and see if that helps.

Oh and don't be embarrassed - believe me this isn't the first (or last) time this has been discussed on here!


always lurkin around!
i had the same as u in my first 10 days and my cdc said the exact same as flirty dont worry hun youll have fab weight loss lol .... xx


Fab & Fit For Florida
believe me pete, i have put some quite gross posts when i started because i thought i was dying lol - your posts are very funny and refreshing


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Oh god, i have this to look forward to? Wonderful! lol Hope it clears up pronto Pete!


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I agree with one of the posts above, it could just be that you've had them a bit closer together than normal and the strong concentration of the vits & mins has gotten to your tummy and it doesn't like it all in one go?

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