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Day 6... I love my friends but....


This will be my year


She's me in a few months
Well done! I'm on day 3 alos, and I reckon I've lost 3 1/2 lbs. Don't know if I'm in ketosis though.


Still fighting
Hay I'm a day 3'er too - and although i feel like carp (ear infection) scales say i've lost 4lb's :)

Dunno bout ketosis though as not got sticks just gonna take it on wether I'm hungry or not later - 4pm til 7pm is my worst time for this :)

Well done one and all - lets keep it up x


This will be my year
Day 4 update

Hi everyone,

Well I've made it to day 4 SS, which is a minor miracle cos I've never got as far as day 3 except when I originally lost on LL. I'm in ketosis and my headache has finally disappeared :D

I think I'm also having the energy rush I've seen mentioned in other posts. I'm on hols from work til Mon as my little mutt is in for an op today, so I'm nursing her til she's on her feet again. Since I got back from the vets I've done half an hour on the Wii, then cleaned thro downstairs, including scrubbing the kitchen and hall floors :)

I'm sitting down with a big pot of coffee considering what to have for my first meal... savoury or sweet, what do I fancy? One of the reasons I love CD so much is that it makes meal choices easier, but I'm finding that I can spend almost as much time deciding what to eat as when I was shopping and cooking etc. Maybe I'm just obsessed with food lol :sigh:

Anyway, enough of my ramblings. Hope everybody else is having a good day, especially todays new starters

V x


This will be my year
It's the start of day 5 SS and today's going to be my biggest challenge so far.

It's now 4am and I'm sitting on the sofa as I'm staying up all night to look after my little mutt, who had an op yesterday and is going to be off her feet for a few days. My OH works away and rang earlier to say that he's going straight from this job to another, so he most likely won't be home again for a fortnight. :sigh: To cap it all, I'm also starting with a stinky cold that's been lurking for a few days :(

Right now I'm feeling pretty positive that I can stay on plan, but give me a few more hours and a lot more tiredness and that might all change.

Have a good day everyone x
My 15th day, and I'm Sooooo happy I've made it 'till here, even tough I've eaten for 3 days some fruits, I'm still so happy. Because I've lost 10 lbs....today I'm gonna weigh in to see If I've lost more lbs :p And laterrr in the day I'm gonna buy my new canes of shakes. Since the woman is getting new packages today. Gonna get some strawberry ones, chocolate & the eggnog. I love the strawberry and extremely love the eggnog. But never tasted the chocolate one yet, but they say that it is good. And maybeee buy some bars, for my 3rd week. I can't wait.....2 weeks already gone buy. Not so much left for 1 month. Dayss go by really fast and thanks to you all 2 that I've made it 'till here. For the positive words and support! :)


T.G.I.F Yeahhh.....!! Don't get some booze, but drink cambridge & lots of waterrrr :)


Still fighting
Hey there redhead - I've been poorly too hun and had 3 first nights of CD with no sleep plus been on medication - let me tell you its bloomin hard but I'm DAY 5 too today and still here! I did have two SS+ days where i ate a small bit of chicken and some mushroom and courgette but only had 2 shakes - thats was more on the reccomendation of my CDC cuz of all the painkillers and antibiotics i was on!

Your doing great and well done you for looking after your doggy all night ....bless him/her :) Hope he/she is on the mend now! Have a little sleep this afternoon if you can - it will def help x


This will be my year
Thanks Tracey, I might ease back today and cook myself some chicken breast while I'm doing some for the pooch. I'll try to stick to SS, but at least I have the option if I need it.

How are you feeling hun, have the tablets kicked in?

Hopefully things will get better with my little mutt once she comes round properly. She snapped her cruciate ligament, so the surgery was to repair it. What's shocked me tho is that when they weighed her at the vets she was just over 10kg. When I worked that out in lb's I realised that I've been carrying almost 5 of her round permanently :eek:

Hope you have a good day x



This will be my year
Oh dear, day 5 SS didn't go quite as planned :(

A friend turned up unexpectedly last with a big bunch of flowers :) and enough Chinese to feed a small army :( She said I'd sounded down earlier in the day when we spoke (I was knackered after spending the night watching over my dog who had an op on Thurs), so she thought she'd cheer me up.

I love my friend to bits and would never want to hurt her feelings, especially as it was done with the right intentions, so I fell off the wagon after 5 days of SS. It was a conscious decision, her friendship means more to me than a few extra days on CD, and I did stick to the lower carb options (beef in black bean, chow mein), but it's knocked me out of ketosis and I feel pretty upset with myself today :ashamed0005:

TBH I'm also a little upset with her for undermining my diet when she knows that I'm on CD (we've been discussing it every day). My OH is away, but I told him about it when he rang and he said he thinks it's jealousy on her part. I can see why he says that, she's a big girl herself, although she says she's happy with her size, and always jokes about us being twins. When I said that I was going to do CD and sort my weight problem once and for all, she was quite dismissive and then commented that she knew it would change my personality. At the time I laughed it off, but now I'm wondering if my OH could be right :confused:

Anyway, enough rambling on. I'm back on SS today, more motivated than ever, and looking forward to getting back into ketosis again.

Have a good Saturday x


Still fighting
Aww hun its a hard one that - I've not told my friends as feel they won't understand plus i'm not planning on being on it for long so what they don't know won't hurt them - just have to keep avoiding invites ....lol

Like someone said to me earlier being in ketosis is not the be all or the end all of CD - ok it stops the hunger pangs but you can still be on this diet and lose weight without hardly hitting ketosis :)

Regarding your freind she prob wanted a eating partner i.e. she wanted to have chinese so she tempted you also knowing you'd prob cave if only because you felt guilty on the amount that would go wasted if you said no!

The most important thing is you tried to chose healthier options and a even bigger result is your back on CD today. Might be an idea to text or ring her and tell her last night was a one off and ur not going to do it again - tell her she'd be doing her a bigger favour if she didn't tempt you whilst doing CD :eek: :)

Here's to a 100% cd day for you x


She's me in a few months
Oh hunni, I'd have been raging given you've been talking about it everyday! It's funny how people react when you start to do something for yourself. I remember the last time been told how unwell I looked, that I looked grey. Rubbish! I looked great, I was also told I'd lost too much and was looking to thin, I was still 2 1/2 stone away from target!! Your OH is right, it's jealousy. If she does it again, tell her you appreciate it but she'll have to eat it by herself. That'll get the message across. Sorry hunni, someone with your best interests at heart wouldn't have brought that chinese, she might be a good friend in other way but you'll have to avoid the whole food issue with her and put her straight in case she wrecks your diet for good. xxxx


This will be my year
Thanks ladies,

I've thought about what you've said and yes, I think she is jealous and also scared of losing her partner in crime because days out shopping etc always involve discussions about the best places for morning coffee and lunch. We're also limited to shopping in the same shops, and I think she's aware that as I get slimmer I'm going to want to go into the shops we usually walk straight by because we know there's nothing in there to fit us.

I've come up with a plan that won't hurt her feelings but will hopefully get the message across to her. My niece gets married in exactly 6 months time and I've bought a gorgeous dress to wear - deliberately a size 14 to make sure I stick to plan. I found a pic of it online and mailed it to my friend, saying that I think I forgot to show her my dress (I know I did when I bought it). I thanked her for my last blow out and said that I'm determined to wear my lovely dress for the wedding so there's no deviation from SS from here on in and that I'll be relying on her support to help me stay on the straight and narrow. How can she possibly refuse if she's a true friend? ;)

Thanks for your advice, it's always good hear what you think. Hope you're having a good day too x
redhead - what a very mature response, well done you. This problem of hurting feelings when food is offered was going to crop up at some point in your journey. You enjoyed it, made sensible choices and are back on ss. That is a good thing and you will learn a lot from this experience.

Your friend maybe was feeling a bit down and looked for you to share comfort food with her as was always done. She will need time adjust to your new attitude as well. I think it may have been jealousy, but more about her and her thoughts of herself rather than a malicious attempt to sabotage your diet. Just be firm about your diet but still comfort her when she needs it.

I know I have looked to friends to 'eat the naughty' stuff with me when I'm down. I'm as guilty and it was about me, not trying to get a mate to eat to much.

Well done on your decision and keep up the good work!

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