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day 6................just had a fight with an AERO!!!"

S: 16st4.5lb C: 15st12lb G: 15st4.5lb BMI: 40.6 Loss: 0st6.5lb(2.84%)
Hi all..........starting back on CD today. I go on hols in 5 weeks and really want to get a load off before then. I was 3 stone lighter this time last yr and although i wasnt skinny I was deffo slimmer than I had been for yrs.......so thats my goal...........to be part way back to where I was(2stone off by beg august would be fab!)

Feeling super crap today though...have major laryngits....glands all up and my throat is so sore it feels like its going to close up................so having only shakes + soups for a couple of days is going to be a good thing.

I decided to take the bull by the horns and take some really yukky pics of myself last night...I put on my cossie!!!YUKKY!!!!set the self timer and took aload.........just so that I could see how much weight i had regained.....was really appaled at the way I looked...after swearing to myself I wasnt going to let myself get that big again!

Anyway today is a new start. popped over to CDC to get some water flavourings and she was just fab....as usual! Saying she knows I can loose the weight and just to stay focused etc etc and that there are lots of peeps at the mo coming back, the weather has been so crappy....we are all comfort eating!

Anyway determind to have a good week and get a load off before holiday.

Lou X
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Hi Lou,

I re-started yesterday after a month's break for the wedding & honeymoon (gained 8lbs in that time).

I am finding it very hard to get back into SSing but I really want to lose the weight I gained and preferably the other 12lbs that I didn't manage before the wedding. (maybe I need to get sick too...that might help just having the sachets:) (only joking ...I hope you feel much better soon;))

Good luck with your re-start, I am sure you will be able to lose the weight before your hols (how was your honeymoon by the way?) and you will look superb on the beach.

I think to some extent we all still see ourselves as "bigger" in the mirror...I know I still do.

Hope this week is great for you and helps motivate you to keep up the good work for the next one.

Take care
S: 16st4.5lb C: 15st12lb G: 15st4.5lb BMI: 40.6 Loss: 0st6.5lb(2.84%)
day one done and dusted

Well here we are beginning of day 2. Day one was fine...helped along by the raging sore throat I have, the shakes were a pleasure to have and very soothing on my throat! (4lb down this am)

Thanks for the reply Lenny, I will reply properly later, sitting here with a towel wrapped round me and wet hair, so I had better get on with another day! you know the usual stuff, mum has a day off sick and nothing what so ever gets done in the house!!!! it makes me so mad at times.........but I guess thats life!

Willl catch up with you later honey, but good luck on your re start...........you are doing really well......we did this before and we can do it again!

Hugs Louise X
S: 16st4.5lb C: 15st12lb G: 15st4.5lb BMI: 40.6 Loss: 0st6.5lb(2.84%)
gave in and had to buy some lozengers!!

my throat feels so bad!!:( and I usually get into Ketosis pretty quick so I have allowed myself a lemsip(yesterday) and I just bought some antiseptic lozengers from boots, but I did go for the sugar free ones....so hopefully wont mess things up too much!

Had a shake for brekkie and have just been drinking loads of water...............to help with the throat as well as for CD!

Feels good to be back in control again.......just in yourself you feel better.........I really do love CD at ties like this!(ie when I am not struggling!:rolleyes:)

Thanks for your msgs..Lottie you did very well before so you will fab again, I guess we dont have the motivation of the weddings this time round......so we need to make sure we rememebr we are doing this for us now.....I rememebr last yr how good it felt to be slimmer, and to be able to buy clothes anywhere...thats what I want again!!!

Anyway lovey have a fab day!you can do this!!!

hugs Lou XX


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Thanks Lou,

Totally true...we are doing it for us and we deserve to do well.

My throat is still killing. Hows yours? Did you manage to get through the rest of the day OK yesterday. I managed, but I did have to have a scrap with the internal demons!!!

We can do it!!!!!!!! Have you tried joining the fallen angels to keep you on track?
S: 16st4.5lb C: 15st12lb G: 15st4.5lb BMI: 40.6 Loss: 0st6.5lb(2.84%)
day six

pretty pleased with myself have done 5 days of ss 100%, went to a bbq yesterday and stuck to a bit of salad +chicken, and 1 rib:( 2 black coffees but.... no burgers choc cake or anything major naughty!!
Must admit I did have an orange juice though..we were in a rush getting there I forgot my fizzy water.........didnt want any wine and they only had full fat coke and lemonade!!!I guess i should have stuck to water! Anyway still a pound down this am!;)

Went to the fridge just now to get my bar and they was a stray bar of aero sitting in there looking at me.:eek:....calling me:(.......... so I took it out of the fridge........took off the packet.......broke the choc in half and............. gave half each to the boys!!!:p:Dwas very chuffed with myself! so just finished my cd choc orange bar!!( i know you are not supposed to have bars in the first week, but I had them in my drawer and they never stop me getting into ketosis...so i felt the need to rebel!)

Throat is now better and healed which makes drinking the water alot easier.....when it was really bad the other day I was jut not drinking enough and it was the first time ever I had the dehydrated square on the stick! oops slap wrists!!!

Lottie...hope you are doing well and that your throat has improved.......makes you feel so yukky, and what with my voice going too....I just felt pants for days! think hubby enjoyed it though!

Lenny, you are doing great hon, falling off the wagon for a 790 is not a great big thing! well done you for sticking to it.
I cant seem to access your pics though hon on your wedding msg:sigh: .

I seem to have renewed enthuasim at the moment.....think its got something to do with the fact I have that horrible pic of me in the swimming costume in the cupboard!!! :whistle:That deffo puts me off eating!!lol:eek:

Anyway off for a coffee and to have a read of my book:read:

Have a good day all...the sun is shining like mad here...lovely....considering an hour ago it was raining ike mad!! blooming weather.:raincloud:

hugs Lou X
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Well done you..... those areo's are nasty aren't they.... just like walkers crisps !!!!!! Why do all the nice & naughty things have such loud voices......or it that just my catterbox
S: 16st4.5lb C: 15st12lb G: 15st4.5lb BMI: 40.6 Loss: 0st6.5lb(2.84%)
No its not just you....I am sure the yummier/naughtier things are they louder they shout!!!!!!!!:drool: BUt we are strong people and we can resist these things!!!!!!!!!:character00116:

have a good day!


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S: 14st12lb C: 14st10lb G: 11st12lb BMI: 36.5 Loss: 0st2lb(0.96%)
I had a fight with a snickers today...and I'm delighted to say - I WON!! Gave the bar to my hubby!


Nice and Normal
LOL, Hi lou,

Well done for behaving at the BBQ - it's so tempting isn't it? With all of the food being laid out for the taking. And yes...the larger the temptation, the bigger the shout! My hubby is currently cooking delious smelling food...I'm hiding out with laptop in the bedroom listening o the news.

Throat bit better thanks, but have had an awful headache all day...am bored of frowning. I guess the laptop doesn't help, but can't give it up

Have a good night x

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