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day 6 of ss and still feeling rough.

morning all. well I've done cd ss before (and lost 6 stone) but I've never felt this rough before! it's day 6, I'm drinking about 3 litres of water a day and I feel ok mid day, but first thing in the morning (for about an hour and a half) and in the evening (after about 8pm) I feel shakey, tired, grumpy and light headed! I'm spaceing the water and packs out during the day, and not doing anything that I haven't done previously. I used to wake up in the morning on cd with a spring in my step and feel all happy and ready to go, but it's just not happening this time!! will it get better or am I going to have to suffer for the next few weeks?
thanks xxxx
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Morning :)

Are you in K yet ? I know it took me a good week to get into it and start to feel a little better, I was like you mornings and evenings was my worst felt sick, lethargic almost fluey

Have u tried splitting your packs? so that if you have 3 a day you could then split into 6 just to try and get you thro the tough times? ..

I hope you start feeling better soon xx
hiya, thanks hun. I've been in k since day 3 so I'm sure it's not that. i have my packs when I get up, one about 1pm and the last at about 6.30pm. I've never had a problem with the packs before and I feel good during the day (in fact I felt great yesterday) but it's just the ends of the day. it's strange.


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As advised above - check if you are in ketosis.
Sometimes it takes a lil bit longer to switch - hope you'll start feeling better soon xxx
I'll give the split packs a go. I know I'm in ketosis tho, the sticks range in colour from the lightest pink through to the third pink ( if I test in the middle of the night!)


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Have you considered upping to a 4th pack in the evening? I did this when I was going through a wobbly phase in the evenings and it really helped. I now have a pack at lunch time and then the other 2 in the evening and it has really helped me

Hope you feel brighter soon.

Charlie xx


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Good suggestion from Charlie, also I would try and get a couple of pints of water in you first thing before you have your first pack. Having a CD product in the morning when I get up would leave me heaving for the rest of the day too!
Although I always say I'm 5ft 8 I am actually 5ft 7.5 ;)

My CDC suggested me doing 4 packs a day because I was feeling like you describe. It didn't slow down my weight loss and I was able to exercise all the way through to the end - felt fantastic!

Might be worth discussing this with your CDC as you are only one inch below the 4 pack a day rule!
mmm, it might be an idea but im thinking of the extra cost too. i never had a problem before?? mmm. im seeing her on sat so ill see what she suggests.
im feeling good at the moment though, a little tired but really good! how strange!

i'm just under 5ft 8in but i always say i'm 5ft 8in.

i always have a pint of water whilst i'm making my shakes and i always add more water to my shakes too. i'm on 4 packs a day. especially useful when you've done a great gym workout and need some.
just a quick update to let you all know that im feeling much better today. woke up with a spring in my step and didnt feel rough. think it must have just taken me a bit longer to get into a rythem this time around xxx
good to hear our feeling better,i have a few glasses of water while im making my shake in the morning, i cant stomach a shake on an empty stomach so to speak,i tend to have my shakes hot which i find easier to drink xx
same here duncan. i tend to have a pint of water in the morning before my shake, then i tip a choc tetra into a big mug and top it up with hot water. yum. in fact most of my 'meals' are hot choc tetra, or hot choc pack. mmm. methinks i have a chocolate problem!! :D:D

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