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Day 6....


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I've reached day 6!

Its been a long long rocky road and almost threw in the towel last night, funnily enough I didn't crave food if I am honest I just wanted it.

I wanted to put food in my face and sip a glass of wine, I know the dangers of drinking when in Ketosis.

Don't have a drink problem honest, just miss the social aspect I guess on Saturday night, no fun arriving to the pub sipping a water when I can smell the glorious wine on the table.

left quickly after and watched eurovision with a shake.

Today its okay, haven't been able to stomach any shakes and haven't had any (I know this is really bad) just water.

I weighed myself today and the weight loss has just stopped! How odd is that, is it normal? Every day I could see a difference and now "nothing" the scales are sticking to that mark and not shifting.

My appetite has hit zero and I can't even think about making them, just drinking water and cleaning up.

Is this normal?

day 7 tomorrow, a week almost past and weigh in.
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well done for doing so well hun. You must have your shakes though as they contain the nutrients you need to keep you healthy. Try diluting them with more water :)


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Any reason why the weight has just stopped going down?

Thanks for yoru support x
If you are not having all of your shakes, your body will go into starvation mode & you will not lose weight.


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thanks darl, I'll try and get something inside me now. Not sure where my appetite has walked off to.
your pics look fabulous
well done on getting this far. As the others have said make s ure you get your shakes into you, very important, even force them if ya have too

becky :) xx
you wont feel hungry hun. Try to have your shakes, split them if you ahve to and make them more diluted. Also try not to weigh yourself, its not a good idea as weeight can vary from day to day. :)


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okay had the shake (that was a misson) and going to stop weighing myself.

Does anyone know why some lose more than others??? I see such great weight loss and would love to hit 10 pound mark but unlikely. I have done so well but feel I will only lose about 7-8 pound (still amazing) but in the past if I cut out carbs and live on salad and bran flakes I have got the same result if that makes sense.
everyone is different hun, it depends on so many things, metabolism, weight, height, fluid retention to name a few. Be patient and stay off the scales. You do your bit by sticking to the diet and your body will do the rest by shedding weight :)
Thanks so much
so many questions! I annoy myself :)
I feel like I'm asking questions all the time too, but that's why we're here, to support each other and we can support newbies once we're a bit further on. :)
i am indulging in a glass of sparking water in a wine glass so not to feel so much in denial.

I told my hubbie I am having a wine, he looked at me odd as i was pouring water into the glass and said "I hope I don't get too drunk and make a fool of myself" hahahahah

love sparking water....even better in a wine glass :-0 Trick the mind...


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S: 20st7lb C: 17st6lb G: 15st7lb Loss: 3st1lb(14.98%)
Lol, that's what i do!!!! My 'treat'at weekends is sparkling water in a wine glass it's worked so far :party0036:
asking questions is a good thing - thats how we support each other :)
How funny that the brain doesn't say "um thats not wine" hahaha. Knocking it back quicker in the wine glass x

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