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Day 7 - Acid and Trapped Wind


I get bloated sometimes, but find extra water sorts it out. I also suffer from very bad heartburn behind my breastbone. I don't think rennies or gaviscon is 'allowed' but I got my Dr to prescribe me a gastro-inhibiter which sorts this out. I've got a months supply, by which time it should have stopped (it did last time I did the diet).

Its important to treat heartburn because the acid can do damage to your tubes. Try peppermint tea - it does help. But if its really bad it might be worth speaking to your Dr about something to reduce your stomach acid.


I honestly have no idea hun, sorry. A lot depends on how sensitive you are to carbs. If you do, it will only be a short time before you're back in again - won't be like starting from scratch. Keep drinking the water and taking the packs and you'll be back in before the day is out.

Peppermint tea won't kick you out of ketosis though - it's allowed.


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Hi if acid is the problem you can buy tablets which you can take,you can get them anywhere even in tescos on the shelf they do their own make ranitidine 75mg they are what the doctor gave me before and they are fine to take while doing cd.


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Rennies or Gaviscon are okay on CD :)

Try peppermint tea first though. Peppermint is great for trapped wind. They gave it to me in hospital after they had pumped me up with air:eek:

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