Day 78 on CD


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Hi everyone!

So pleased that we've got this forum! Thanks Mini! :p

I can't believe that it's been 11 weeks tomorrow! That's mad! Day 76! By this time last week I had lost 37lbs! However, that was before this weekend! Went out for a meal on Saturday night, which I had been planning for and had arranged with CDC as to what I was going to have! Had a wonderful time and enjoyed every bite of it! Feel like I've probably put on, but am back to 100% ssing today and am gulping down that water at an impressive rate!

How is everyone else? It's wierd trying to get used to another forum! Hope everyone is cool!

Sarah x

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Hi Sarah,

Well done on getting to day 76 - its day 77 for me - As of this morning I am 44lbs down - still have a long way to go though - today was the first day that someone at work asked if i had lost weight - inside I was thinking thank god!! Its only taken you 77 days and 3 stone to notice!!

Just switched to CD from LL and discovering all the new flavours - very impressed - had my first chocolate bar this morning that was a treat - to be honest though I just want to eat chocolate tetras as ice cream 3 times a day!!

Hope you have a good day! Keep drinking!

Tash xx
Hey Tash!

Glad to hear that you're getting on well! Doesn't it make you angry when people don't nitice - you think how CAN'T you notice! I've lost the weight of a small child!

I think the key to it all is drinking the water - so I'm trying to get as much as I can drunk before WI tomorrow!

Aren't the bars just lovely!? I did LL last year before I got married, but found it really hard to stomach the shakes. I'm so pleased that CD do the bars and briks! I live off 'chocolate ice cream' and chocolate orange bars! Which bar did you have? I can't wait to try the new ones!

Take care, good luck with your next WI!

Sarah x
i reached my 11th week yesterday, can't believe i've come this far and I have lost 3stone as well. Before starting the LL program i had already lost 2 1/2 stone on WW but it took me 12 months to do it and I had started being a bit free with food again so it started creeping back on. I live away from most of my family and prior to my dieting whenever i saw my mother she used to complain about my putting on weight etc. Well I've now lost 5 stone altogether and i'm still waiting for her to notice that I have lost weight at all. Great huh.
Hey Sugarplum - she hasn't noticed that you've lost weight at all? That's weird! Maybe she doesn't like to say - not sure why though!?

I think we all deserve a huge pat on the back for doing it for this long! I've done LL before but only stayed on it for 50 days, so this is really pushing the boundaries for me!

Congrats on losing so much, and good luck for your next WI!

Sarah x
I think the water is the key too - I've already had 5 litres today without even trying - its so hot in my blummin office there is nothing else for it!

I tried the chocolate bar today - as in chocolate the whole way through - it was ok, preferred the malt toffee and the orange one though - still have to try the caramel one - whats that like?

I have two tetra's waiting for me in the freezer when I get home! One is banana - haven't tried that yet so fingers crossed.

Well done on your Weight loss Sugarplum - I'm going home tommorow for the first time since Easter and my mum will be ok but I bet my friends won't even say anything - I think its just the jealousy factor - I won't be the fat friend anymore.

Enjoy the rest of your day!

Tash xx
Hey Tash!

5 litres? That's brill! I've had about 3 and will end up having 5 or 6 by the end of the day!

I've had all the bars now and the orange ones are my fave - didn't really like caramel, but some people swear by them!!

I've had the banana briks too and didn't get on with them, not sure why, didn't like them frozen either, but like I said, each to their own!

Good luck seeing your mum tomorrow!

Sarah x
Hey all!

Does anyone know if there is flu going around? I've been feeling really rubbish - hot and cold, sore throat, achey all over and tired!

Didn't know if anyone else had felt like this at all?

Sarah x
Hey Georgiasmum!

What's it all about?! :confused: I'm feeling a little better today however, not so achey, but still with the tiredness and headache! Could be the weather I guess.........?

Hope you start to feel better soon! I suppose the good thing is that when you're feeling ill you don't want to eat, so at leaast we're not thinking of all the yummy things we're missing out on!! ;)

Sarah x