Day Five... an update

Well done David! Welcome to the "Bally hell it's 10pm and I have to have my last shake" club!

We didn't mind your whinging or moaning one little bit, we get a lot out of helping others and are glad to be of assistance! Of course we can now be very slightly smug that we can be proved right that it does get easier.

Pizza, well done for resisting. My little angels have just had one for their tea and are now tucking into the cookies we made. The smell was yummy but I wasn't tempted to eat any. You do become detacted from food after a while.

Ruth and Trixie, come on here an moan as much as you want if it will help, you'll soon find it as easy as David - I promise!

Lesley! Arrgh! I totally understand why you cheated chuck. If I'd had food in the cupboards - I'm sure I would have eaten my way through the whole lot! And then probably gone to the pizza shop!

Stick to it! Honestly, I was stuffed after my last shake and I have one more left today that I'm not sure I have room for!

I know it's crap at the beginning - bloody hell it was *really* crap - but find something, anything, to pass the time and get yourself into ketosis. Then you'll find it much easier! If you get stuck, come on here - find a word game or a puzzle game or something to play online - anything! Just don't eat and drunk an ocean of water and you'll be fine after a few days...

Good luck!

Yay!! does that mean no more man whinging lol...only kidding ...made up for you xxxx
As hd would say protect your Mofo ketones xx
welcome to ketoland...the land of dizzy blonde head and too much energy lol xx