Day five


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Hello All,

I am on day five of the Cambridge Diet. My CDC said that day four is usually the worst. Well if my day four is the worst day I am going to have on this diet then :bliss:bring it on!

Dare I hope that the wee situation has settled down? It kinda feels like it, but it is hard to know as I didn't leave the house yesterday. When I am at work I'll know better. I'll be upright all the time and my bladder more subject to gravity.:D

Day five and today I face a major challenge. That is going to my Mum's and the inevitable delicious Sunday dinner, not to mention well-meaning relatives.

This week I already experienced the generous colleague bearing cake who couldn't take the first no thank you as an answer. "Go on, have one. I don't want to eat it all by myself." I said no I can't, I got to be strict. Thankfully at that point she turned to someone else.

So, home to Mother. I did tell her, over a two week period prior to starting the diet, that I would be starting a diet. I think that will help and plus she wants me to lose weight. The others might be alarmed by my choice of diet.

I don't know how I am going to respond to any negatives that I might experience. One of my sister-in-laws, having tried CD and LL, is against such dietary approaches. I'm sure my sister will remind me what I said about the diet a colleague was on and she might bring up the cabbage soup diet. It was a few years back, when a colleague was on Slimfast. I wasn't impressed at all. I thought she was on a hiding to nothing. I'm not going to take that back unless someone can say that Slimfast is nutritionally complete in the way that CD is. As for the cabbage soup diet. My sister said she was going to try it and I was scathing about that. A diet consisting of only cabbage soup? Puhhhlease!!!!!! I know she'll want to get her own back!!!

So day five is a big day for me which I will face rather than phoning in sick. "Ma, I won't be coming round today, I don't feel so good." None of that. I will be there with my banana or strawberry tetrapack.

So wish me luck, as the more relatives there the harder this will be!

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Hi Bee
The fact that you have reached day 5 shows you are determined to do this. Well done for getting so far and i know you will be able to stick with your tetra:D:D. Goodluck


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Good luck for today. I too was worried about my familys reactions, especially my sister, who believes in healthy eating and exercise. But when she saw how well I was doing, I was amazed at how supportive she was.
Just remember, what your doing it for, and why, and you will be ok.


Don't worry, be happy :)
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Try and have an answer ready for every question to shoot down their remarks as soon as they thow them out there, the more confidence you have in this diet the more your family are likely to accept it.
Good luck and let us know how you get on. x


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Thanks guys. It was okay. There weren't so many people there this week. There was some concern that I am starving myself but I said this was not the case. In my explanations I emphasised the longevity of the diet, its nutritional content and the fact that my doctor was happy to give his approval for me to start CD.

:) So far so good. Day six is almost finished and apart from increased urination, there have been no major problems. :)

Tomorrow evening will be my first weigh-in after starting the diet. I'm really nervous about it. I keep thinking, suppose I've only lost 2lbs? :(:( Probably a ridiculous fear considering all I have had these past six days are soups, shakes and tetrabriks. That's dinner, breakfast and lunch. Musn't forget the water. :):):)

When I am closer to my goal and more active I might introduce bars and porridge. I'm concerned that at this stage they might affect the weight loss.

Anyway :sigh::sigh::sigh:, lets see what tomorrow brings.



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good luck for tomorrow, im very sure you will have lost more than 2lbs lol


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Well done for sticking to it. I think family meals are the worst (orgnaised ones not day to day). Especially a roast.

If you can survive that then you have a wonderful future ahead of you on Cambridge.

I wouldn't be too worried about introducing bars or porridge. It can help with adding variety plus they give you something to chew on esp if you put the bars in the fridge.

Bec x x x x


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Hey you will be fine - let us all know how well you have done xx


I can do this.
good ludk..we can do this.