Day Four - Early morning!!!!


The Big Shake House
O dear i have been up since 5am as i have my new job to go to and im sooooo nervous could do with some food not that im hungry but because i would feel better if i did...not really sure if that even makes sence

didnt drink alot of water yesterday so feeling a little sick this morning but i think thats more down to nerves of the new job rather than CD.

Ok Ok im now writing rubblish as its only 7.35am and i start at 9.30am and im already readying and waiting to go, so i thought i would log online and post a thread.

I really do hope that i last the day and not cave into peer presure of having to go for lunch with the new team and eat something, but i dont feel that i will as the guilt and the breaking of the promise that i made with myself and my brother (loseing weight for his wedding) would keep me going not to eat anything

So seeing as its day 4 am i in Ketosis yet (wont see my CDC till tuesday so not sure how else to test it)
Ketosis is like a journey as a kid "are we there yet!!!" lol but i will be very happy when i am.

I also brought a stand up punching bag (special offer in boots) and now when i feel that i may fall off the wagon i hit it a couple of times my house mate thinks it so funny, but as i keep saying to him anything to keep me on the wagon and he has been very good in supporting me and so have my family, although my family arnt local so it is at the mo a power of my will and determination.

have a good day will keep you update if i fell off the wagon

garcia24 xx
Hi Garcia

Well done on making it to day 4 and congrats on your new job. I'm sure you'll be fine.
You can usually tell if your in Ketosis by the way your mouth feels, mine felt furry and I felt the need to brush my teeth....Alot!!!!!

Good idea about the punch bag, and like you said, anything to keep you on track. If you start to feel pressure at lunchtime I would maybe tell everyone that you've got a bit of an upset tummy and are just sticking to water. Hopefully when you feel more confident with them all you'll be able to tell them about CD. Focus on your first weigh in, you'll be so pleased you stuck to it 100%.

Good luck today and let us know how you got on

Jazzy x
Wishing you loads of luck for your new job.
I'm sure you'll do just great.
Hopefully, meeting all those new people and new challenges will take your mind off food!
Also, well done on making it to day 4. Things should get easier from here.
Hope today goes well and you feel you will be happy in your new workplace. You will feel so much more confident for being in control of your eating today. We're thinking of you.

Dizzy x
Good luck with the new job, maybe because youll have to focus more learning new stuff it will help you on the diet.
many many many thanks for all your replies you have been great, first day went really well,

althought my tongue has white on it not really sure what that means and im feeling a little sick is that normal on day four, so water doesnt taste that nice either im still drinking it but the water taste funny!!!!

so not really sure what that means may have to call my CDc and find out what that means

cant wait till tuesday i really want to no how well i have done for the i will let you all no once i get confirmation.

garcia24 x