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day four just cheated!


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Hi - this is my fourth day as a newbie to CD SS+. I have found it a bit tough being a veggie who does not like cottage cheese and despite drinking lots of water I have been feeling low, headaches and dizzy.

Today I checked and I was in ketosis (hurrah) and had lost four pounds on my home scales (double hurrah).

However.... I've just cheated. I have had two tablespoons of peanut butter. I just thought 'high protein' even though it has carbs, oil and sugar. I needed a rush, to feel like my blood sugar levels were up - and it has worked.

But now, I fear this sin will affect my first weigh in. I'm so disappointed in myself as I thought I could handle this diet and I have already failed.

Should I dare test myself for ketosis tomorrow? (btw where can I by the testing sticks? my CDC gave me a couple of sticks but need to by my own pack).

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oh dear, don't dwell on it too much and carry on!
as long as you don't think you will get too demotivated if you get a negative test result tomorrow, then go ahead and test. most CDCs also sell the sticks, or you can buy them from the pharmacy.
why not speak to your CDC about having protein, maybe there is something you can do if you don't eat the chicken, you need to be getting nutrients after all :)
good luck with tomorrow!


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Thanks - I love Quorn and Tofu but that helps. I now have a bigger problem. just realised I have not been doing ss+ as I should be! I have been having three CDs, one protein meal AND my milk. I'm not supposed to have the milk, doh! well I will stop tomorrow and stop snacking. let's hope I actually lose something by sat's weigh in!!


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oh no!
i am sure you will, a little bit of milk by accident can't hurt anyone!
i am dreading having to move up the steps already, i HATE milk, not sure i can force it down! i might be skipping that one out!
My WI is also on Saturday, I am so nervous, I don't have scales at home so I am not sure whether I have lost weight or not, and the suspense is killing me. I'm so tempted to cave and buy some scales, but I know I am one who would become addicted to the scales and be on them every half an hour and feel sad at having the same weight!


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hiya galaxy. Im a veggie too and although i do like cottage cheese having it every day is not much fun! Ive asked my cdc if i can have quorn sausages, she said yes (have two) but if they make you feel hungry then stop having them. ive also had one quorn burger instead and not had any problems with hunger or weight loss.
you might just want to have a quick word with your cdc to see if its ok though.
Hope this helps to ease things a bit.
oh, and keep at it, youre doing great and once you get into the swing of things you'll be fine!