Day Four Tomorrow - EXANTE TS!

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  1. Icanjen

    Icanjen New Member

    Hey guys,

    This is my first time starting Exante and I've just finished day three of Total Solutions.

    I was quite ill yesterday (Day 2), felt like I was going to throw up. But I've powered through.

    I wanted to use Exante to kick start my weight loss before moving onto weight watchers, which has worked for me in the past. So I was only going to do Exante for one week, not weighing myself til then.

    Just wondered how everyone else is doing? And do you feel I should do the diet for longer? All I keep thinking is, cannot wait until Monday fto eat a salad!! I'm craving everything and everything although I'm not actually hungry.

    Hoping I'm in Ketosis, but daren't ask a pharmacy for Ketone strips; having read all the problems people have had getting them !!

    Hope everyone is well.

    Jen x
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  3. Hendricks

    Hendricks Full Member

    It depends how much you have to lose. In the first week you'll lose mainly water weight which you will put back on when you come out of ketosis. Just a week seems like a waste of time tbh.

    I would aim for a month instead.

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  4. SunRay

    SunRay Member

    Hi Jen,

    Are you still on Exante?
    I found that the third day is bliss. Hope u're doing well.
    You can buy ketostix online.

    Good luck;)
  5. Icanjen

    Icanjen New Member

    Yeah I'm still on it. Only wanted to do a week as I thought this would kick start my weight loss. Don't know if I'd hold out for a month....

    Yeah I'm gonna grab some on line.
    How are you doing on Exante? How far in are you? x
  6. Icanjen

    Icanjen New Member

    Oh, that's annoying. Really dont think I could hold out for a month... How far are you in to the diet?
  7. Hendricks

    Hendricks Full Member

    Two weeks in today and 1.5 stone down.

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  8. annalou83

    annalou83 Member

    Awesome news! Well done! :D
  9. SunRay

    SunRay Member

    This is my 9th day and find it quite easy because I don't need to count calories or carbs.
    I was planning to do only one week to kick start my diet too, but changed my mind because I got used to it.

    Yesterday I did a little cheat and had one third of an atkins advantage bar; won't do that again cos it took me out of ketosis.
    Today is fine and sticking 100%

    You be strong and stick to it.;) Think about the excellent results in a short period of time:rolleyes:.
    What exante products do u have?
    I have shakes, soups and meals and every day I mix them so I don't get bored. Could never do only on shakes.
    Also if you can't stick to TS try and do WS as I heard there are good loses with that program as well.:)

    Have a good day on Exante xx
  10. SunRay

    SunRay Member

    Your loss is amazing and truly inspirational! Well done :0clapper:

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