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Day Number One!

I woke up this morning soo excited to start taking Xenical and still can't decide what to have for breakfast!! :brainfart: LOL. There isn't much option as Tesco's hasn't arrived yet. I think I'll wait until they get here and then have a bowl of bran flakes with skimmed milk. Which is what I usually have anyway. As I'm waiting in for the stupid electrician to fix something I wont be jumping on the bike right away....but after he leaves...it'll be time to work out. How exciting!! Any ideas on dinner or tea?? Hope everyone elses days go amazingly!! xx
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welcome to the xenical world binny :D good luck for your day 1 :D well day 3 for me started with me yet again over sleeping so missed breakfast again :doh: oh well less cals and fat going in ;) i find small jacket potatoes good for a lunch just have to be good not to smear in butter and cheese lol.
Oh I know! I bought jacket potatos aswell...I was thinking maybe with some baked beans as they're low in fat too...and then maybe for tea I'll have some quorn mince wraps with a bit of lettuce and if the salsa I have is low fat...some of that aswell...I think if I pour the baked beans in the potato then I wont miss butter and cheese too much. Haha.
that is what i do with my jacket potatoes lol just got back from my shopping and went to morrisons and did very well. they got muller light yoghurts on offer 12 for £3 and jellies 6 for £2 so lots of sweet snacks to have :D also slim a soups and low fat campbells soup on offer too. so far had a cup a soup, 2 slices of bread, banana and satsuma and going to have a morrisons eat smart meal for tea with one of my yoghurts for pudding. day 3 so far so good :D
Hey binny, glad your first day is going well so far!! I think salsa is pretty low in fat as it basically only tomato's and peppers anyway!! You could even make your own to be sure.

Well did you manage to get on the exercise bike? mine is currently in my bedroom being used to pit clothes on :D oops. I am going to get it though, hoping monday, i have had a bad knee so just have to wait and see.. i hate the sore bum after wards though :eek:

Any way hope your being good:D
Yeah, I saw them in morrisons aswell..YUMMY. I got them from tescos though...So far soo good. For lunch I had a potato with half a can of baked beans in it..and I havent been snacking..In fact, after breakfast I haven't even felt hungry...but I ate lunch at lunch time because...I thought I should. LOL..been peeing a lot..is that normal?? About the bike, ergh...it also happens to be in the bedroom with clothes hanging off it. LOL. I will deffinately be getting it out tomorrow though. No worries. I've just been a bit siick. Runny nose and soar throat. Err, thought it was going away but not yett..oh well. Day one almost complete..Looking forward to my muller light yogurt after tea..hehe. :)
awww feel better soon binny. well done on day one. i have noticed that no so much peeing more but when i go i pee longer (if that makes sense) not done any proper exercise yet as knees playing up but the long trek around the supermarket should have burnt a few cals lol
Happy first pill day x
I seem to be peeing alot more i think, keep waking in the night to go toilet too which is annoying.. I never normally feel the need to snack until night time, i find this is when i am at my hungriest, so i save 2 snacks for then!! Glad you have had a good first day, i felt so much happier in myself on the first day if you know what i mean!!
that is when i get hungry too more at night. usually around 11/12 ish. not good that. been good when sticking to the 5g rule too. so pleased tonight to find that tesco ready meals (no light choices) come under it too :D can have something that tastes nice too and micro chips to :D
Aww thats good ladies.. I woke up this morning and felt soo much worse!! Horrible headache because I'm congested and soar throat..Cant even talk... I'm going out for a walk in a minute soo I'm hoping that'll count as excercise as I dont see myself spending hours on my bike..Ergh!! What a horrible time to get siick! About yesterday! Went really good! Only problem is that I, like you guys, crave things at nighht...Mostly chocolate and sweets because usually hubby and I sit and eat chocolates or something while we watch movies..Yesterday went good though and today I've had my breakie and a little blue pill! Teehee..soo day 2 started nicely...lets see how it ends.. x
aww no, hope you feel better soon!! Dont know about you but when i am sick i tend to crave all the wrong things, mainly chocolate :eek:

Me and my hubby normally sit up and night and eat while watching telly, he was sat there last night eating roses aarggh i had 2 which i think was very good hehe!!

Dont over do it with the exercise while your not well, your body needs all the energy it can get to get you better..
feel better soon binny. well done on day one. Here is to a great day 2 for you :D

well done on the just 2 roses rach :) i couldnt have stopped at just 2 so not risking it yet lol :17729:


Dasvidaniya FAT & FLAB!!
Binny, I feel your pain!! I've been suffering with a sore throad and a horrendous hacking cough, but today, I'm feeling much better. I think I've overdone the sugar intake with the cough medicine and lozenges, but as long as I'm feeling better, I'm happy with that! I didn't shift from my bed all day yesterday, so no exercise for me at all!!

Your comments about exercise bikes doubling up as clothes rails made me laugh.... a friend has recently had a knee operation and asked if anyone had an ex.bike that she could borrow. I organised for her to have ours from the garage, only to be told by hubby that's its broken and had been thrown out months ago!! Obviously, I haven't used it for a long time, nor been in the garage recently!!

As for weeing, yes, you do wee a lot in the initial stages of a diet, something to with using carbohydrates stores or something, not quite sure, but it's a good sign!!
Just got back from my walk...obviously hubby had other motives for joining me...went to the silly pet store to buy a clown fish for his new marine tank...I feel better though. We weren't rushing about and I've just come in and had a banana sandwich...really good and a cup of tea with skimmed milk and 1 sweatener...is that alright to eat those?? Not suure...Oh well. Ergh. I did have a square of cadbury's chocolate..it's not fair when he eats it infront of me!! but it wasnt much anways...so i told myself it was ok. Lol, and I know what you mean with craving it when your siick..Makes me feel better. Hope this goes away soon tho. I would still do the bike with a runny nose but my throat hurts soo much! Hmm, dont know what to have for tea..hubby was talking about ordering take away... :'( Grrr...
well done on the walk. i know i should get up and do some but still finding the enthusiasm (think thats how its spelt). just had a tuna light lunch (ready made) for my dinner and a lil blue pill. so pleased as on day 4 now and no side effects so far. oh take away :( could just eat a chinese about now
Aww, that's good. Day 4 and no side effects. Grr, I know..that's what he was talking about...He was asking if I could just have some tofu and veg with boiled riice..but I dont think soo..I'll just make something to be safe..Ergh...
living with my mum at the moment and she is doing a roast dinner tomorrow :( not sure if it is the limit if all the fat is cut off and have boiled instead of roast potatoes :(
You could try a small portion of what she makes..Eat the veg and bioled things...I dont know...
Hi girls,

My trick when kids here and Chinese on the menu is to order some plain boiled rice and the cover it with Sweet Chilli baked beans! Know it's not the same but at least I feel like I'm not missing out.

Hope everyone with the dreaded lurky (me included) feel better soon and have a fab w'end x

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