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Day Numero Five!!

Wooo day five already for me not a very good start to the day for me though been up since 5.30 - way too early - hungers kicking in when i wouldnt normally be up yet, hopefully it wont cause an upset. Im going to try and space my shakes and snacks out a bit more evenly today as i was getting a bit hungry at times yesterday and i had my meal too early last night so by 8pm i was on the verge of slipping up - which i didnt i had a small salad with a bit of cheese and a slice of ham, maybe too much but i needed it.

Feel a bit low this morning, dont know if its lack of sleep or the lifestyle change but there you go lol hope we all have a good day on it.

Ps hope im not annoying anyone with my day 1,2,3,4 etc's lol i think it helps me keep foccused on the plan.
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Eloquent hooligan
You keep on posting Emily :) I like reading 'em.. picks me up too :)

Sorry to hear you all down today :(

Have this from me :)

lol lol that made me laugh! ur a bit nuts our kid!! feeling ok now, got the kids ready and getting them down to nursery shortly portly, then on my course again so its all good now the caffeine has kicked in! hope u have a good day.
i like reading them 2 keep up the good work, u will have good and bad days, do u hear me, ha ha every day will be bad with me, going to get CS today
caroline honestly you will surprise yourself at how much will power you have after u pay all that cold hard cash for these shakes lol lol if nothing else i refuse to slip up when im paying for this! nah seriously i hope you do well on it, ill be back later so i want all the gorey details of your day one, cant be as bad as mine i had a bit horrid hangover and a headache on my first day on this and it was not good lol
Hi day 9 for me and really craving a slice of bread or a glass of wine. Think you can have a glass of wine but one leads to another so trying to resist. Am getting a little bored with shakes so may go and buy some soups for a change. I have found the last 9 days have gone really quick so stick with it and before you know it a whole week will have gone by.
Hi - well done! I've bought the CS starter pack online (arrived yesterday) and will start on Monday next week - would have started sooner, but I've got some horrible throat virus just now and I've been told it lasts a week, so it'll be Sunday before it's gone. No chemist in Perth sells the product, so I can only purchase on-line, which is a bit of a pain but hey ho!

I did 12 weeks LL foundation last summer (July, Aug + Sept) and lost 3s 10lb before going off to Majorca with hubby and kids for the October fortnight, put 9lbs on but lost it fairly quickly when we returned but I've put on 10lbs during December and really need to get it shifted and that last stone - so here goes Celebrity Slim to lose around 1 1/2 stone! Should be a doddle after LL - I hope!

Good luck all and I'll hopefully keep you posted on progress - new to all of this!
day 9 well done!! i liked the beef flavoured soup id recomend it - i dont even generally eat beef anything unless its the real thing so it tickled my tastebuds anyhooo! have u tried the bars?
good for u alison! i hope you feel beter soon and can get to join us! im lucky there is a chemist five min away from me so i can nip in there but i ordered the starter pack online, struck while the iron was hot or i would have talked myself down. this isnt too hard to follow - im only on day 5 though ill probably get over the buzz soon lol hope to see u soon!
Thanks Emily! I've been having a quick look on MiniMins at the CS forum the last week or so and you seem to be a regular - good for you! There doesn't seem to be that much info in the UK yet, only heard about it a couple of weeks ago through a TV ad and looked it up online. Seems quite similar to LL / Slimfast and various others, so thought I'd give it a go and like you, struck while the iron was hot and ordered the starter pack online. Typical I've now fallen ill, but I'm raring to go when I'm all better!

Hope to speak soon .... and well done on your progress to date!


Eloquent hooligan
Well done for Day 9 Boxy :D You're going great guns :)

Day 4 for me... so today I had

Brekkie - vanilla shake with a double teaspoon of Carte Noire to make it go down

Lunch - n'apple

Dinner - Tomato soup (God it's lush)

Just had n'uvva n'apple & will have a dark choc shake laters :)
Thanks alison! I saw the advert too and done a lot of research to see what people were saying about it an i went through like 600 reviews and i think there was just the one person that had said it didnt agree with tem and they didnt like it but everyone else was positive if not estatic lol i dont like to be took for a mug so thats why i checked it out quite a bit before going for it, ive had wee sneaky checks on the scale and it all looks good so far but ill post my proper weigh in details on monday, maybe sunday morning if i cant wait lol i started on saturday but never got my scales till the sunday night so i cant really account if ive lost anything previous to that. anyway im rabbiting on here sorry lol.


Eloquent hooligan
bought my starter pack today, just had a mcdonalds to say bye bye to that crap :p:p so tomorrow is day 1 for me
Nice swan :D

Good to have yer on board Caroline, need someone to protect me from Emily & her rampant rabbitin' ;)
lol at my rampant rabbiting, how the feeeek do i answer that?!!!!

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