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day off plan=losses?

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yet another of my SW buddies has spent the last few days dreading weigh in as she had a big blow out at the weekend. And yet again, they have lost a significant amount-2.5lbs.
Could there be any science behind the idea that one day going well over syns could kickstart something?
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Sometimes your body will take the extra calories as a sign that food is plentiful and that it doesn't need to hold on to as much energy as possible, if you see what I mean? We weren't actually designed to lose weight because that would make us less likely to survive as a species so we have to use a few sneaky tricks lol! I read in another thred somewhere that Jillian from the US Biggest Loser ups her calorie intake for a day from time to time to give the body a little surprise so there must be something in it. Wouldn't use it on a regular basis though because it'd be easy to lose control and turn one day off into a week lol


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That JUDDD diet does seem to be based on the science of "up" and "down" days (so one day blowing syns and another with none and mostly sfree, I suppose) so there's possibly something in it, but it doesn't seem all that terribly healthy.

I've wondered about it though, after listening to people in my class having good losses after one night off in the week, or whatever.

It's not something I'm willing to experiment with, though, I don't think it'd work for me!


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It doesn't work for me!
If I have a night out or a weekend away I have to be as good as gold in the run up and afterwards to manage to stay the same or get away with half a pound on or off.
Some people do get away with it, but this doesn't last forever and eventually they won't be able to do it.


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Dont tell me that works, I'll end up having a day off and eating my bodyweight in food to 'test it'


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I noticed when I stopped sw, it seemed that I could get away with eating choc and cake. I stayed about the same for a month or so, then piled on weight (when I was not looking)
This could of been because I had been eating well for so long, I was not eating as badly as I thought. Maybe my metabolism had sped up?
Not a good idea, it seems harder to do sw this time. My loses have been a little smaller too.


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Yeah I think there may be something in it, I had a full weekend off plan last weekend (and this included a Domino's Pizza, 3 bottles of wine, and a Wetherspoons lunch) and I had a 3lb loss.

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When my losses slowed down I was talking to a friend of mine that also follows SW & she swore that she needed a 'binge' once a week to have good losses. I'd be terrified to try it coz knowing my luck I would have a huge gain plus In feel like I finally have a good relationship with food & I would be afraid to ruin that.
S: 21st0lb C: 13st4lb G: 11st0lb BMI: 30 Loss: 7st10lb(36.73%)
I would think this could be useful for anyone who has come to a point where they simply cannot lose anymore despite changing everything they can but they would have to have a certain amount of self control, something that I fully plan on bottling when I find it myself lmao!


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It could also be that after the binge at the weekend your friend was super strict and had no syns at all. You just dont know. As with everything what works for one doesnt always work for another. Its like flexi syns i guess. Good for the odd time but no adviseable every week.

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is losing for shoes
S: 19st13lb C: 13st0lb G: 11st10lb BMI: 27.7 Loss: 6st13lb(34.77%)
She doesnt alter anything through the week. She just has one day completely off plan & then goes back to normal the other 6 days using her syns daily
I've seen it said on here a number of times that you need to eat an extra 3,600 calories in a week to gain a pound in weight. Thats about 190 syns (over & above you normal syns). So theoretically, it could be possible to have a blow out and still lose, but I think you'd need to up your exercise (not neccesarily hardcore exercise, but more walking) to balance it out. I did have a blow out this past weekend, and lost 0.5lb - but it won't be something I do on a regular, or even semi regular basis.
It is something you often hear people saying oh I had this and that and have still lost etc but its so hard to tell exactly what else they have eaten over the week
When I started I used to be able to have a night out with a lot of alcohol on top of my normal nights syns etc and still lose but then it stared to affect the losses and I had to allow syns.
I am out for an Italian later and am tempted to have a treat of a high syn pud and see how that affects my loss this week :rolleyes:
Oh lord, I had loads of days off plan last month. I went to London for a few days and spent most of them completely off the wagon. And then after a week of being on plan, I had gone down a size.

I think you just give your metabolism a little push, trick it into thinking that there's going to be loads of food around for a bit, so it decides it can afford to lose a bit of its reserves.
have a cheat day and trick your body! otherwise its storing fat 'just incase' My ex was a body builder and when they are losing fat to build muscle their strict all week and binge one day a week. Obviasly bingeing every week wont work for us as we're not excerising to excess like they are but once every now and then is all good surely?.............thats my theory anyway! lol x


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Definite food for thought! Hopefully there's something in that...

I have been kicking myself all morning, knowing I was having a night out last night I saved all my syns and used them for 2 mojitos (although, given the amount of sugar that was in them, not sure 15 syns would cover it!) then stuck to water. Then I only came home, broke into my treat box of Aussie chocolate and polished off the last 4 Timtams in the packet - there goes another 20 syns. Grrr. I am so annoyed with myself this morning; I've been trying so hard to stick to plan, even on holidays. Hopefully my sugar-binge won't count against me this week!


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A personal trainer once told me, that an experienced slimmer would have one day "off" to reset the system. Apparently while slimming you're losing more muscle than fat, and with the reset day, you lose more fat than muscle. Obviously you have to exercise for this to work. I do take a Tuesday evening off and have a few treats watching a movie. Nothing drastic, but I do treat myself to a bar of chocolate and a pack of crisps, or a chinese. Not both. It's worked for me so far. My losses have slowed down lately, and I don't know whether that's to do with the treats or an increase in exercise taking its time to show up.
This week I haven't had the time to do as much exercising as I have been doing lately, so I guess this week I'll have the answer, as I did have some buttons and a pack of Doritos on top of my syns last Tuesday after WI.
Watch this space lol


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On the biggest loser in the US, I think they have either 1200 or 1400 cals a day, but they have a 'treat' day once a week which is the day after wi day where they have an extra 500cals, it means they supposedly kick start their metabolism as well as have a treat plus they have all week to work it off. Personally not sure it'd work for me but maybe if I hit a rut I might give it a go.


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I did a basal metabolic rate calculator online once and it went into detail of calories I should aim for everyday. I think we have to be careful when talking about a 'binge'. For some people a binge is an uncontrolled thing and that is never healthy but my calorie calculator worked out that I should generally stick to 1400-1600 calories a day but with 2 days a week at 1800-2000. This isn't a binge though because I'm still below my recommended maintenance intake for the day.

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Afraid it doesn't work for me.

I lose so slowly anyway, 1.5 stone in about 7 months, but lose nothing and will gain if I go off plan for a day.

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