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Day off trom CD


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Well wanted to run this past ya been on cd now 8 weeks and lost 47lbs, but tomorrow is my 8 year wedding anniversary and am planning to have a day off, starting with a nice breakfast then a chicken dinner and take the mrs out or a film and a nice restaurant in the evening.
Then on Wednesday get back on track with the diet!
My friend who lost 10 stone on cd has a blow out once a month where he pigs himself then hit diet hard! I know this probably Is not recommend but just wanted to hear your thought.
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I would think that making it a practice to have monthly blowouts is probably not desirable, but an occasional day off must be alright as long as it doesn't derail you for good. I'm planning 2 days off (I've known about the event as it's an annual festival but I've only recently decided to go ahead with a couple days off) after my 18th week but at this moment I don't feel that I'll have problems getting back on CD afterwards. And my "blowout" may not even end up being one, but I'm more worried about the alcohol than the food, quite frankly :) Haven't had a hangover in so long that just the thought gives me a chill!!

You've done so well so far so I don't imagine you'll let a day off ruin the rest of your weight loss journey, you'll get right back to it on Weds as you say, so my opinion is go for it! :)


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I was talking about you today saying how well you've done!

I vote go for it! You have huge determination and one day carefully planned will do you wonders!!!

I'm not sure your friends way of doing it is ideal as it's binge eating really so I'm guessing making the end when the time comes to eat sensibly harder. We are learning to eat a sensible balanced nutritious diet when we hit target!

Anyhow, enjoy your day, and a huge CONGRATS to you & your wife! xxxxx


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As you can see from my stats I have had a couple of days off every fortnight - not that I wanted to but it seems to have been an eventful 2 months. Each time I just put on about 4 pounds max, and then lost if again - seems to be 2 days to put it on and 2 days to get it off. I am hoping that come Sept there will be no more social events I have to go to, and I can concentrate on SS. But then again, it isn't doing me any harm, I don't have a total blow out and it's not like I have a deadline to meet, as long as the weight comes off steadily.


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S: 19st2lb C: 13st10lb G: 12st0lb BMI: 27.5 Loss: 5st6lb(28.36%)
thanx guys had a good talk with my cdc about this b4 i decided to do it, she said that once in a while its actually a good idea to have a larger calorie consumption day as it can actually boost metabolism, and this will also be a good test of will power for when i go on my holliday in about 6 weeks time, as if i can manage to eat normally today then get straight back into a mind set for the diet tomorrow, then i should be able to do the same after i come back from holiday.
well so far today have had a nice cup of coffee and a bacon butty :D yum, having a chicken dinner with veg for lunch, then tonight taking the wife to cinema followed by a meal out at TGI's.
will keep you posted how i feel tomorrow.. one thing i have noticed so far after eating bread and bacon again is that my body felt weird had a bit of pain in my stomach and keep getting a bit dizzy but its passing. :)
Yeah, you feel mega bloated- it's weird right? Even after eating much less than you normally would. Personally I don't think the odd day here or there is a bad thing, as long as you accept that your weight loss that week won't be as good! But we have to live right?! Enjoy yourself and try not to think too much about food!! Xx


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S: 19st2lb C: 13st10lb G: 12st0lb BMI: 27.5 Loss: 5st6lb(28.36%)
Well it's been a interesting experience! After my dinner this afternoon I felt physically sick, I honestly thought I would be praying at the porcelain temple, but managed to get my stomach to settle.
Was good in choosing my meal at the restaurant, didn't have anything to heavy, and am feeling ok! A strange side affect I didn't expect I was asked what to drink as they do, and you would think that a beer would have been my answer, but the thought of drinking a beer almost disgusted me, so I was happy with a glass of water. It's been a great day of "normal food" but back o the diet tomorrow, and thanx again for your support and comments.
Wow you dodged alcohol! Nice one, you're stronger than me! Alcohol is evil and super calorific! Glad you had a nice day! Xx
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i'm sure you will feel full after a small meal. i'm moving to SS+ just because i'm so sick of some of the products, and the portions really aren't that small. plus compared with what you're used to, it just seems wrong to be allowed to eat. i keep thinking there must be some mistake!


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S: 19st2lb C: 13st10lb G: 12st0lb BMI: 27.5 Loss: 5st6lb(28.36%)
Am in day 2 of the re-start and I'm hungry :( but working long shifts is taking my mind of it.
S: 212.8lb C: 204.0lb G: 142lb BMI: 35 Loss: 8.8lb(4.14%)
Has it been very hard to get back to it? I mean more mentally than the hunger part - or are you experiencing mental hunger?? Well done for getting back to it :)


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S: 19st2lb C: 13st10lb G: 12st0lb BMI: 27.5 Loss: 5st6lb(28.36%)
I had mentally prepared myself before I had the day off to get back on, as I find mentally preparing and setting yourself goals to achieve no matter how small are key to success on cambridge but only hunger and weakness are the things troubling me at the moment.
S: 212.8lb C: 204.0lb G: 142lb BMI: 35 Loss: 8.8lb(4.14%)
Right you are Saxman, I agree. And what a great feeling when you've kept promises to yourself and met your goals! I'm sure you'll be back to feeling fine in a day or 2 :)
When I was on CD years back I was told that some people can 'slip' or have a night off, say, with only very limited damage - they get back on track asap and just go on as if nothing had happened - and that others just can't. They suffer cravings, the return of hunger, etc etc. This often leads to nibbling and in turn to bingeing.

You seem like someone who CAN take planned (not spontaneous, impulsive!) time out and get back on the wagon, even if it's tough. So I hope you had a fantastic time and that you will soon be in the swing of it again.


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S: 19st2lb C: 13st10lb G: 12st0lb BMI: 27.5 Loss: 5st6lb(28.36%)
before i start must warn people that reading this will probably make you hungry :D.

to start with i knew that i would be taking a day off for my wedding anniversary on the Tuesday and that on the Wednesday i would restart diet and be back in ketosis by Friday/sat.
talked with my cdc about doing it before i did it and she ok'd it.
doing it is also a good test of will for when i go on holiday in oct.
so on Tuesday morning i got up and weighed myself so i could work out how much i would have put on that day. i was 15 st 11lbs

i started the morning off with a bacon and egg sandwich with a nice cup of coffee with milk.
then about a hour earlier i had a slice of cake that the Mrs had won from a raffle the slice was about as thick as a slice of bread but the cake was lovely.

then at lunch time the wife had cooked a lovely dinner comprised of cauliflower green beans cabbage mashed potato with phili cheese a home made giant Yorkshire pud and grilled chicken breasts. with onion gravy.
i had the opportunity to have a glass of wine but to be totally honest the thought of alcohol didn't appeal, so water was fine.
i ate enough to fill me, and after eating i felt in pain my stomach really hurt, and i felt like i was about to be sick. so i just retired to front room chair and tried to shake it off. i think i had just had to much or it was the oil from the Yorkshire or the philli cheese in the potato that didn't agree. anyway managed to pass the sickness feeling and was ok.

later that evening we went to the cinema i had a few scoops of the Mrs popcorn and a bottle of water, after we went to TGI Fridays. again i was offered the choice of shandy/ beer but i think because i have gone with out alcohol now for so long the thought of "poisoning" myself with it again for just one day didn't weigh up the risks of drinking.
for my meal i went for something that i had been craving for, for the past few days Nacho's it is normally a sharing starter but was what i desired, cheesy nacho's with chicken, sour cream salsa and guacamole. it was a bit heavy on the cheese but sooo good.

returning home had another thin slice of cake before going to bed and finishing of my day off.

the next morning i weighed myself again 16st. a gain of 4lbs
so 1 day of self-indulgence is = to a weeks worth of weight loss, something worth remembering that.

day 2 of re-start been finding it hard but made it through.
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Yeah planned days off are all good as long as you are prepared for the consequences! I've gained a few pounds after not sticking to my 810 rigidly and I want to get back on it too! Best of luck to you! X

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