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Day one - again!

after my dad's heart attack (he's doing really well, is home and says he feels better than he has in a while, awaiting surgery now..) Im ready to go again!

am now what half way through day one, have had half a bar,(eaten in the car while i waited for green flag grrr) lots of water and a couple of black coffees (boy it aint as nice with no milk, hope i get used to it!)

unfortunately ive timed it wrong and am in my hungry week (ladies will know what i mean :p) but am determined to resist, even if it means laying in the bath for hours with a book tonight or something :)

ive been weeing for england too so thats gotta be good!

hopefully there are no more major stresses coming my way, i do have a weekend away with the other half weekend of the 13th so that'll be interesting sober :D might have to try and enjoy his company!
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Just to say its my 1st day today to, you have had a rough time of late by the sound of it and glad your dad is now on the mend, and best of luck with the diet xxxx
good luck to you too! how's your first day going? i managed to make the kids tea without picking at it, had my soup in a mug beside me as i cooked and sipped at it. seemed to work for me
so far so good, my pack arrived at 3.30pm and nothing passed my lips until then (apart from water) then straight away had a choc shake - it was ok and MUCH better the LL where I did half a day cos the shake was minging and the soup well minging as well, so that was a waste of £100!! about 1yr ago! LOL

I wonder how much money I have wasted on LL/SW/WW/GYM Memberships/fad diets etc LOL

however I often go without breakfast and dinner and eat for the whole UK in the evening - not good, so thats going to be a challenge for me and why I am going to save half a bar for the evening, the first half tasted good, and I am currently dry roasting garlic in the oven next to be husbands chop and chips to go on my soup. Tomorrow I am off to get some coke zero I dont like it compared to pepsi max or diet coke but they contain citric acid which stops ketosis someone on here said, but its still better then nothing.

Also going to row 3000m tonight - now my bedroom is tidy its easier

I guess the hardness is going to kick in in a few days time, so far my plan is to do total food replacement for 12 weeks, and then start to add food in.

Im exactly the same, bad for not having breakfast or lunch then eat everything in sight!

I got through day one almost a fortnight ago, then my dad had a massive heart attack and so i decided to put it on hold until things were more stable and here I am :cool:

fortunately ive got things planned for the next few days with the kids so that should tire me out and hopefully keep me occupied too! im hoping that by the time it comes to the weekend i wont be feeling quite as hungry, at the moment im having a choc shake hot, as im starving! ive still got half a bar to have later on so hoping to hold off as long as possible, then i can go to bed lol :p itll be a shot on the wii for me, got a dancing game so that should be good for exercise....
wii dancing sounds fun, didnt think of having the choc warm sounds nice as the power smells like hot choc xx
I just wanted to say good luck for your restart, it sounds like you've had a rubbish time recently, but hopefully there are good times ahead.
I've just restarted myself yesterday - it's much easier the second time around I think.
so far my plan is to do total food replacement for 12 weeks, and then start to add food in.

I would recommend that you don't. :)

Not a problem if you are being clinically monitored but if not 12 weeks is the MAX that the NICE guidelines allow you on TFR.

Most people who have been doing this for a while will tell you that going much longer than the recommended 4 weeks without having an add-a-meal week is really hard - the boredom factor sets in as well as the physical need for real food!

My advice would be that it's too early days yet to be able to decide how long you will stay on TFR and how you will adapt the diet to suit yourself. If you go all out now thinking you MUST do 12 weeks then 6 weeks in realise that you can't you will feel like you have failed and may fall off the wagon completely - not good.

Take it one day at a time for now. Never mind what you will be doing 12 weeks from now, 4 weeks, next week, hell even tomorrow. Concentrate on getting through today, then start all over again tomorrow.

Good luck! :)
thanks yambabe its good advice, and its my main problem - planning!

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