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Day one and almost had a major blip.....but didn't!!

Oh how pathetic am I? :eek:

Today is day one, I have been building myself up to start this diet for ages now and here we are, the day finally arrived.
Well I got through the whole day no bother, but then at about 9ish (DH was just about to leave for football practice) I started really wanting to eat something.
So I told him to stop by the shop on the way back from footie and pick up some goodies.

Well he wasn't too impressed, but he has never been able to say no to me with any great success (he is the same with the kids, which can be a nightmare! lol) so 90 mins later he comes home laden down with my fave choc bars and I go into the kitchen to see what he has bought.
I pick them up and look at them, DH then says gently that I am going to have to start for real at some point because he is worried about my long term health (I'm not too bad right now apart from being unfit, but I turn 30 soon, and I know that age won't be on my side forever so I do need to get the weight down before the health implications kick in)

I'm there holding the bar and honest to God, I actually put it back down and say that I won't do it :eek:
Now before you think I'm worthy of a halo I have to admit that I did practically run out of the kitchen and then demanded that DH hide the offending items so that I can not find them in a moment of weakness (the kids will have them tomorrow so it is only tonight I needed to get through)
That's awful isn't it? a grown woman having to get her DH to hide the choccy so she doesn't eat it :ashamed0005:

But on a brighter note, I have just completed day one of SS!! :D
Yes it was a little shaky there for a while, but I did it!!
Now I just need to keep up the momentum :)
PS sorry for rambling on for so long.
I am one of those people who would say "to cut a long story short....." but then not cut it short at all, in fact I would actually make it longer by adding the "to cut a long story short" phrase in the first place lol :eek:
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One day at a time!
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What amazing willpower - well done you! Wish I could pat you on the back as you soooooo deserve it. Now, please can you post a little of that willpower my way?;)
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well done!
your not pathetic at all actually think your very strong willed
my oh hides things from me all the time!


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I think you did great, get over those first few days, get into smelly breath phase and your laughing! (but through closed lips! lol...) You made the right choice, you'd only have been p'd off if you ate the choccy bar. xx
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WOW the will power girlie, Congratulations you made it. Now get through the next two or three days and you are laughing!


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Brownie points to DH by being supportive rather than coming out with "I knew you'd cave in" or " You're not allowed those things" which tends to have the opposite effect and make the craving even stronger (and then you scoff twice as much just to spite the other person. Yeah, that'll teach YOU :mad:.....er..... me:cry:)


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Well done for making the right choice, it isn't pathetic at all. It is a hard mnd shift to go from having exactly what you want to having only the prescribed meals a day. Even though you asked for them in the first place you were able to make the choice not to have them. That is great and should give you the strength to make the same choice as you work through this diet.

For the first couple of weeks think my OH lived off tinned stuff that he could cook himself (until he did 4 weeks on the diet) but even now well into the swing of things sometime I just can't face cooking his dinner and sometimes I love to do it.

You will find a balance on this diet as you work through it. Just remember that this diet only works if you let it and that is by sticking to the rules - plenty of water!!

You will do fine, and good luck with CD
Thanks girls.

I woke up this morning very pleased with myself, it is a rather good feeling I must say, and even though I was up with the baby a lot last night (we all have a horrid dose of a cold) I still woke up happy that I hadn't eaten yesterday!
So I want to continue this way and have promised myself that I will reach my Christmas challenge!
That will make me 14 stone exactly, and wow, I haven't been that since before I got married.

I'm jumping ahead of myself there but it is good to imagine so I hope it keeps me going through those tough moments :copon: lol
Thanks again!
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Hey My Sharona(yes I did sing it!) I too started yesterday and nearly gave in when I opened my OH sock draw to find a dairy milk staring at me!!! why he put it in there I don't know!!
I was salavating and everything!! later though, after I had resisted temptation I felt good but also stupid that a little choc bar could make me feel like that?? but then I suppose its the same for people who drink, smoke etc.
ANYWAY - we did it didnt we??

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