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Day one and finding this hard :-(


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Hi all , I'm on day one and finding this harder than I had imagined. I knew it would be hard but this is awful. I'm working until 10.30 pm a d been up since 6am.
So far I have had a chocolate shake at 10.30 am and now lunch at 3.50pm which is chicken soup and loads a black pepper.
I think the headaches may be down to no caffeine yet. Had a bottle of mineral water, 3x peppermint teas to date.
I hope this week doesn't drag !!!
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Hi hang in there I found day one hard but day two was easier and I'm on day three and ketosis has already kicked in feeling good I work in a kitchen so it was fairly hard not to pick but the fact the first day was so hard has been enough to keep me goin as I don't want to have had that horrible day for nothing stick with it I find distraction is amazing have u set goals mine are on my fridge so I can see them if I'm tempted to be naughty
Just finished my first week - the suffering at the beginning is definitely worth it, trust me. First couple of days were tough but after that it was a doddle! Weighed in today and I've shifted 10lbs in the 1st week, so definitely glad I stuck at it!! :D

Best advice I have is to grab a glass of water whenever you feel hungry, that's how I got through. Hardly the same as some food I know, but it did the trick!

Good luck!


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It is so hard and you probably feel like you can't do it but you can ! You will get there, I'm on day 55 and still struggle but the weigh ins keep me going. If I can do this (failed every other diet) you can too.
good luck


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Come on nutty - remember why you're doing this- you're doing great so far :) keep strong and talk to us if you feel the need to eat? It helps! Xx

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my day 1 was a killer too, I wasn't tempted to give up as I so want to achieve my goal weight, but I didn't feel like I'd be able to do it! I too drank plenty of water throughout the day when I was craving foods and black coffee too. Thankfully day 2 was much easier and coming on here and reading other people's success stories and motivations really helped me rationalize my reasons for doing this in the first place, also knowing that it won't be forever! There's a massive light at the end of the tunnel and it's a great tool to use as a learning curve into unhealthy eating patterns. I'm finding it enlightening to see the bad habits I have with food, now I can't give into my cravings and realizing that a lot of my eating was impulse and boredom. Once a problem is highlighted it's much easier to fix. I hope you feel better as the week goes on and you find your feet. I'm on day 4 now and feeling much more positive and better in myself too, I seem to have a bit more energy and I feel much more alert than before I started. Good luck and keep us posted


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Thank you all, really helps coming on here and the weight loss photos , I'm so happy I've completed day 1 and ready to face the challenge that day 2 brings !!!


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Keep going luv, it really will get easier x x x


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Yay I did it !!! Completed day 2 and much easier than yesterday :).
Didn't feel hungry at all and by taking my son to Gullivers Land and being out all day having fun made it easier.
I even watched my family eat burgers etc and I asked for boiling water and made up my soup. Can't believe I resisted all the temptations . Thank u this forum and my own goals are true motivations x


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Brilliant nutty! Keep going! :) Don't forget to take your before photos!
I wish I'd taken some proper ones. All I have is some holiday snaps!