Day one of holiday in Toronto.


Gone fishing
Losing luggage really does have some excellent positive points. Get to your hotel and there’s nothing to unpack! You can relax without suitcases begging to be emptied, no text messages to quickly make to announce your safe arrival, no money means no rushing around shops trying to find something to eat. I didn’t even have to put my pyjamas on for bed….just lay there and nod off!

What more could a person ask for? Complete relaxation. Isn't that what holidays are all about? ;)

You might wonder why I didn’t pack necessities like toothbrushes, money, credit cards, phones and flannels etc in my hand luggage. Well, I suppose in hindsight that might have been a good idea, but how boring.

I do usually pack such things as hand luggage, but times are different and what with the security issues, it was easiest just not take anything…well, close to nothing anyway.

I did have the foresight to put all my medications into my hand luggage, which pretty much took up most of my space, but there seemed to be so much confusion about what else I could take, that it just made sense to put it all in the main baggage.

After all, even the powers that be didn’t seem to know what I could take. Whenever we asked, they just read from the same sheet as I read and agreed that they too couldn’t make head nor tail of it.

Take for instance the sentence about nothing in pockets. I read that as nothing in the pockets of our hand luggage, DH read it as nothing in our clothes pockets, and the misunderstandings went on.

We know that we get picked out for searches. We always do, and this time was no different. They took me aside, opened up my hand luggage, marvelled at the huge quantity of pills, wished me luck for my survival and then proceeded to body search me. Wasn’t I relieved that I didn’t take anything complicated like sons Rubic cube, or my credit card. That could have completely sent them into a state of panic and probably ground all the planes:eek:

To be fair, I did take a mobile phone. We had been assured that it was quadband and so could be used in Canada. Whoopie do dah…what more could I need?

So annoying to find that as soon as we entered Canada, we lost a signal. On day four we discovered this was because we are PAYG and that doesn’t work. It has to be DD or pay monthly:(

So an hour delay before setting off…probably because they spent ages going through all my pills, and a two hour delay at our destination looking for 3 black suitcases amongst a couple of hundred similar ones, then queuing with the others who couldn't find their bags, we eventually got to report it missing. Not sure what I thought they were going to do, but didn't really expect a form to fill in, a smile and just to be assured that it was nothing to worry about, that “it would probably turn up in 2-3 days…goodbye and have a nice holiday”

Of course, this meant that the car and driver we had pre-ordered to take us to our hotel had given up waiting and gone home, leaving us stranded at the airport, with little cash and the contents of half of boots pharmacy.

I am partially deaf….so is DH (especially these last few months). We had a few coins to phone the driver, but had to leave it to youngest son, who was the only person who would be able to make out a phone conversation. He did a grand job BTW, and 2 hours later, a driver arrived to whisk us off to the hotel

The hotel staff were lovely “not to worry” they said “it would probably turn up in 2-3 days…hope you enjoy your stay”.

So there you go. That was day 1. Quite good fun really :D

More to come, cos I'm still excited and a chatterbox:eek: