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Day one take a gazillion!!

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Morning all

Well, I am starting again for the I don't know how many times it has been.

I managed about 2 and a half weeks a few months ago and lost a fab amount of weight, of course it is all back now because I learnt nothing!

This time I am going to be looking in to why I eat when I eat and why I feel I have to eat so ruddy much.

I have tried to restart every day since Saturday but figured if I write on here that I am starting it might make me stick to it.

I'm fed up with feeling disgusted with myself and hating my own appearance, I'm giving Dolly Parton a run for her money with the size of my boobs and thats after a boob reduction after my last big weight loss.

Today is the day, as a wise green man once said 'there is no try, there is only do or do not' today I do.

Looking forward to getting to know all the new 'faces' and getting eachother to our goals.

Sammylou xx
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well done for getting back on it. Good luck xxx
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Hi Sammylou,

Welcome back, I like you have struggled to get going again. Mentally this diet can be so difficult, well you're one day in - keep going it wont be long if you can get your head around it.

Good luck,


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I know exactly how you feel! I also lost a fortune of weight last year only to put it all back on again :eek: I am so disgusted with myself so I hear you on that front. I am getting married in July and want to look as fab as I did last year when I was slim so going to stick to this, even though I am finding it quite tough.....its soooo worth it!!!! Lost 9lbs last week, great motivation to keep going.
We will get there girl X
Well done, I am just like you. Been doing it on and off for 4 weeks-managed to lose 13lb but could have lost sooooo much more! I thought writing on here would keep me focussed! So much easier knowing other people are doing Lipotrim too. We all know it works!
I feel just like you i have tried other diets before but learned nothing from them. This time I am really thinking about what i eat and when i eat, but most of all why i eat. Because lipo means no food it really gives you a chance to concentrate on your eating habits. always thought i was a small eater and could nor t understand why i was heavy. Since starting lipo ( it is only day 5 ) I am totally amazed how much I go to nibble at everything without putting any thought into it. Now because of lipo i have to think why was i going to eat that, was it because i was hungry - the answer is usually no - so why then. It is amazing to look at food this way for me it is a revelation. I think it is important to use this unique opportunity to work out what makes you tick. I was also amazed how often I think i deserve a treat - poor me - who was i kidding - it was all excuses to eat. Now i buy a trashy gossip mag for a treat.
The other thing i am discovering is what hunger really feels like and what feeling satisfied feels like.
Hope my journey of discovery continues.

I did not mean this to be so long, but once i start i don't know when to stop - will have to work on that too.