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Day one

hi raquel and welcome, best of luck with the diet and if you need any support or help at all then logon to here.....the support from everyone is fantastic x
Welcome and Good luck for you! Keep visiting the forum as it's godsent. lol
Take care,
Thankyou 40 pounds and counting.....
Thankyou, with all the help on this forum, im looking forward to it
Yes ive been reading the forum for a week now, got my packs today, so im set to go, x
Thankyou x
Hi Raquel - I'm soooooooooo excited whenever I see new people starting.

I love this diet and really hope you do well on it. Any questions, rants, moans, ramblings about how you're njoying it (! - it does happen!!) then you're in the right place.

Fab forum, great support.

Enjoy losing weight!!
The very best of luck, stay focused!
Thankyou Elle-Emm, many thanks for your kind words, its a bit scary, but im ready for it, Your weight loss is fantastic, if i can do nearly as well as you, then i will be a happy bunny, x
Welcome & Good Luck!!

LiSe Xxx
Good positive start raquel - joining us on this forum ;)
Raquel best of luck with your weight loss. I started last Thursday and I also have 50lbs to lose and 5 7"so it would be great to link up regulary to keep each other going on the same journey. This site even in the last 4 days has been a blessing in disguise and mentally I feel if I cheat then I fail everyone here. So here's to our weightloss....:party0048:
Thankyou, Ricisme, im excited and yet scared, but i guess my first day is coming to an end, im motivated and will look forward to my daily fix of this forum, lol, im Raquel
Thankyou twiggy, yes we have the same to loose, seems along way of, it be great to have a buddy, Im Raquel, and yes the site is a god send, ive been checking it daily, only just got my packs today, cant wait for my first weigh in nx monday, when do you weigh..thursday?
It certainly will make it easier if were both doing this together - I check this every evening after work practically the first thing I do is run for my laptop to see whats happening here. It does seem ages away but generally in the first month one can expect to lose more than a stone so think by the end of the month you could already be a stone lighter how good will that feel I cant wait. I generally go off track on pay day which is the 15th (mentally I feel I deserve some nice things for working the last month - so this month instead of eating going to buy a few clothes to spur me on). Hopefully I can stay on track till September 20th thats my first mindset, the The GAA All-Ireland Football Final will be on and I'm from Kerry and its likely we will be in it so its all celebrations then that wend going on past experiences and everyone from home comes up to Dublin and I so want to look good for once that wend. Im ranting now sorry......we can do this.
Good luck Raquel!

All you have to do is stick to the plan 100% Drink plenty, 3 ltrs already is fantastic. Keep yourself busy and if you live with people stay clear in the first week when they're eating (it's helped me greatly to bugger off when they're all chewing) and of course log on here if you ever need a boost or some support.

Looking forward to your first WI!
Yes i feel my bottom is glued to my chair, rather that than the fridge, it seems most people loose a stone quickly, then its around 3 1b a week, i cant wait to put my weight loss each week, splurge on nice bubbles and make-up, thats my aim, me and the bath are going to be best mates...hahaha, im going to be clean and skinny what more do i want, it's great to have a goal and when you see people you havent for a while, then the compliments will follow, ive set my targets for 6 pound first wk and then 3pound a week following, so fingers crossed, Raquel x