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Day One

Hi all,

I have been reading these forum for about 5 days now and have seen how you all help each other, I started on LT today and just had my first strawberry shake :D.

One of the issues i was worried about was not sticking to the system, but after paying £45 for the week there is no way im going to slip.


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Hi Will very best of luck, there's plenty of advise on here and you'll get cool "recipes" for making up the shakes in alternative ways and tips on how to keep going! You'll get there in no time at all!! Love and hugs
Welcome Will

I'm from Ireland as well shakes are £46 for me. Apparently in England they are £33. It's a bummer. I would have got mine over the internet only I only take the chocolate one its the only one i can tolerate. The ones on the internet are normally sold as a variety.
Well I'm onto week 4 and the scales haven't moved in two days. I know I shouldn't weigh myself so much but just before I have a shower in the morning I hop on! Will stick at it though and if you do have a blip at the start don't beat yourself up start again. This diet is brilliant once your on it a couple of weeks you become more detached from food. I promise!


Here we go again!
Hi and welcome. Don't worry about not sticking to the plan. If you want to lose the weight enough, you will!

Drink plenty of water (helps fill you up) and stay positive. This diet can be hard, especially the first week, so make sure you stay busy too.

Good luck and I look forward to reading about your first weigh in next week!

Thank you all for such a nice welcome :D

i pay £45 because im on the male portions.

if you dont mind just one quick question, i have read that you shouldnt really do any exercise, i wanted to know if swimming was ok or not, i swim for about half an hour every morning.

Again thank you so much

Hiya Will

So the male version is £45 well I think its a rip of but then if you were going out for the night dinner, drinks you wouln't see £50.
You were asking about swimming. Well apparently in the first week its none or very light exercise until your body kicks into ketosis (burning fat). After this happens you should have more energy and then you can exercise as you please. I'm on week 4 I just go for a walk now and again.



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Its ok as long as you feel up to it, but its just not advised for the first week after that you'll be really buzzing I exercise 2/3 times a day now. Did a 7 mile run yesterday with no effort and I've never been a runner much. Just keep an eye because you can be quite faint for the first while. The hardest part is going to the pharmacy taking the plunge and doing the 1st 3/4 days.

thank you for the quick reply :D.
Also if you dont mind could you tell me if its ok to have hot water with the chicken soup or does everything have to be with cold water

thank you again



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Ha no problem (nice distraction from work).Oh yeah have hot water with the soup just don't try to shake it in a closed bottle!!! It will explode! you can even mix the others with hot water or hot coffee or whatever. Some people put in curry powder but I'm not sure its allowed! You can microwave one of your shakes/soup a day with a little boiling water they turn into little "muffins" I like them kinda soft and squishy but the heat is great! Let us know how your feeling, most people go through a little down patch after a couple of days it blows off though
arg, have not slept well at all.
i feel really light headed/head ache.

i have taken some pain killers i hope i can get back to sleep at somepoint.

How did you all manage to get through this?



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Well keep busy, lots of hot tea and few more days and it'll be so much better! Careful to take paracetamol and nothing else apparently the gelling agents can knock you out of ketosis. Cut yourself some slack your doing great
Well i managed to get back to sleep :D

but i pretty much woke up feeling the same way, drinking the water and tea's do seem to help with the hunger pang's

but i don't want to over do it with taking the paracetamol

Thank you for being there to listen to me gripe lol



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Rant away thats what we're here for! As 2 sizes says, it gets better after week 1. Just shows you how reliant we get on the stuff we put in our bodies everyday before this. I don't think I'll ever be able to drink coffee again!
Morning Siobhi

Got weighed today one of my twice weekly weigh ins and lost another 2lbs. That brings it to 5lbs for this week. Am delighted. If I keep this up the weight will just fall of and I'll fit into my size 12 victoria beckham dress for my brothers wedding in october. How are you keeping this morning?
Again thank you soo much for all the support all of you. :p

right now i'm sitting at my computer and i have grumbling going on.

Drinking the water does seem to subdue the hunger but for very short periods of time, i assume that will get better as time goes on.




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Good morning dear, hope your having a lovely Tuesday. Little shook this morning TOTM (thankfully *eyes to heaven*) so tomorrow's weigh in won't be as impressive as yours but I don't mind at all. Donning a size 12 pencil skirt and a 10 short cardigan at work so I'm pretty pleased with myself even if it is taking me a lot longer to decide what to wear in the morning!! Got soccer at lunch and rowing tonight so its a busy day, studying for exams in a few weeks too. I bet your VB dress will be stunning by October hon. Looking forward to this wedding now at the weekend now that I've made up my mind about the meal and all. What's today like for you??
Hi Siobhi

Today's not too bad for me. I'm of on holidays this week no plans (as i'm saving for this wedding). It's in a really expensive hotel and we are all staying 3 nights. Night before and night after wedding.
However maybe it's because I'm of on hols but I have very little energy. I think I have just wound down from work. I intended to clean my windows this morning but I haven't got the energy. Although I had my dad down yesterday and he did a bit of diy for me. Last week I was on hols to and we did a spot of painting in my living room which was great.
I think I'll have more motivation when I go back to work, what do you think?
Good morning to you,

Well i suppose lucky for me i'm on summer break from University, right now i feel like climbing back into my bed lol.

i don't want to sounds silly but what does TOTM stand for lol?

i have an hour and 15 minutes before my first shake today mmmm yummy ;)

I am glad to hear your feeling pleased with yourself :p

well i got up my normal time of 6am to get ready to go swimming but my head just hurt to much and i think i would be pushing my luck today, so i didn't go.

hope you all have a great day today

Morning Will

TOTM is time of the month for ladies!

Your right not to go swimming if you don't feel up to it. It's best leaving it a while. This is a very severe diet and well im on week 4 and my energy seems to be lacking. But then as I was saying it's probably because i've wound down due to hols. Have a good day.