Total Solution Day one

Discussion in 'Exante' started by Charliemae, 4 February 2014.

  1. Charliemae

    Charliemae Well-Known Member

    I've only 1.5stone left to lose. Started TS this morning. Fingers crossed
  2. x-Katie-x

    x-Katie-x Well-Known Member

    Good luck Charlie, you should lose that in no time :)
  3. sianmwelch

    sianmwelch Member

    Hi Charlie
    I have just ordered the hot and hearty bumper box. I hope ot will come so I can start monday. I also have 1.5 stone to loss. Maybe we can be diet buddies. I did cambridge before but it was to expensive so had to stop. Then tried 6:2 but found I went mad on non fast days.
    Hoping exante tastes nice amd works.
    Best of luck.
  4. Charliemae

    Charliemae Well-Known Member

    Buddies sound good :)
  5. smidge87

    smidge87 Well-Known Member

    Shouldn't take more than about a month :D good luck!
  6. sliemox

    sliemox Well-Known Member

    Good luck ladies u are near the end...

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