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day one


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Hello and welcome rock! The first week is def the hardest and most of us felt beter when in ketosis..approx day 4! Week 2 onwards you will most likely feel great and have lots more energy. Well done on starting and good luck.
P,s get gluggng that water xxx


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hi rock and welcome to the forum ,everyone is different some people dont have any problems at all it depends if you were a carb junkie before,personally i found day 3 quite hard i was really emotional but by day four i felt fine just keep up the water and have some early nights after the first week it gets easier and when you are in ketosis the hunger stops and the energy kicks in,just keep coming on here there is always someone here to talk to and you get great inspiration looking ateveryones loses xx


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I agree with the above and most people start to feel better after day 4. I on the other hand felt like crap for about 2 weeks, mind you I think it may have been in my head in week 2!!! Keep going and you will see great changes in yourself week after week. Whats you aim/target??


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Hi Rock welcome and good luck ;)
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Keep glugging your water - it will keep you from feeling hungry I have a 1 litre sports bottle and I fill it up from the cooler in work - I drink 2 - 3 litres in work and about 2 pints at home

Ive started drinking 1 pint of sparkling water as it fills you up too
hi guys
im on my first day but have been told it will get worse before it gets better which day will i begin to feel better..
thank you and any tips appreciated
i felt better on day 2 which was yesterday for me. everyone does seem to be different though so youll have to wait and see i think. stick at it i think its worth it. my belt is down one notch already!


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Hey Rock,
Well done on starting,its easier as everyone says as the time goes on,you may have days when you would throw in the towel but on those days,come on here,have a moan or whatever and someone will always answer so it keeps the old spirits up! Good luck x


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welcome rock!!! best of luck.... as everyone else has said keep the water beside you and you will surprise yourself!! Stick with these forums and you will get through any hairy moments you may have!!! Keep us posted on how you are doing!
thank you so much for all your posts..i plan to drop 2 stone..this is certainly very tough today..i have zero energy..i was determined to start yest but had to go for a meal last night so just had the flapjack for breakfast and shake for lunch and a chicken and ham salad for the meal and I dropped 2lbs..so now I'm on the TFR..I really hope I begin to feel better by friday..!


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Go to bed early for the first few days. That helped me. I also tried to keep busy even though i had reduced energy.

I promise, from day 3 or 4, it wil be all better!!
Rock dont focus,talk about or post any negative thoughts about how bad it might be because it just might not be that bad, anyhow I think youn will sail it so enjoy it, it wont be for long, the results are soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo worth it.
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Welcome aboard Rock. Am on Day 2 myself & itz sailing past without any major hurdles. Feeling a bit low of energy, but from others experience Im expecting it to go off in another couple of days.. Keep reminding urself that u want to lose weight, remind urself of ur will power and keep popping to this forum.. Just reading other's thread gives me lots of motivation :) Good luck to u too! And keep going!
:)hi rock .. as everyone says .. it gets easier with time and keep drinking the water .. and when you struggle come on here and get some inspiration and support ... you aint on yer own ..good luck!! sharon x