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Hi all,

First day over nearly, can t believe how much i have eaten have stuck to kickstart but not the menu plan as i planned.

Had a bit of a morning of it, was planning on going on the stepper this morning but my daughter suffers with asthma and excess guitar. When she is bad the mornings are the worse, she sounds like she has smoked 40 woodbines and can t leave the bathroom until she has coughed up all the phelm on her chest.!!(sori to be so graphic) so i spent a good hour in the bathroom with her and then we were nearly late for school and arrived at work without my lunch!
here is what i have eaten:

B - 2 slices morrisons eat smart bread toasted with tsp of flora and marmalade, small glass of orange juice = 3pts

L -subway lite vege delite sub and diet coke = 4.5 pts

D -morrisins eat smart chicken and brocolli pie(5.5pts)and mixed veg,spinach. WW sugar-free jelly and WW yoghurt = 6.5 pts

S - mini tortilla with ham and 20 grams feta cheese and tomato = 4.5 pts


I need to eat some form of fruit tomorrow and def up my water :tear_drop:intake as that has not been much at all today.

How is everyone else doing? what are you having for tea?

Does anyone know the points for scampi?

Elaine xx:)
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day one

Evening Halloran sorry to hear you had a bit of a morning Well done on your first day I am on day 5 things going well ;);)but it is still early. My ww scales say for 28g scampi in breadcrumbs is wait for it 1 p As for our tea we had cabbage carrots peas meatfree sausage gravy boiled potatoes 7 p Have a good day tomorrow take care Rachelxx


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Hi Elaine

Your menu's sounding very good for the day!

My first week too - I started on Saturday.

I had a Quorn Mexican Quarter Pounder burger for tea (which was surprisingly nice and tasty) along with 2 slices WW bread, 20g half fat cheddar and salad with very light salad cream. I actually really enjoyed it, considering I looked at the burger before I cooked it and thought I'd made a big mistake in buying them!!

The whole lot cost me 5 and a half points - not bad at all! I am starving now though!!! Just hanging on for my packet of French Fries (1.5 points) and 2 glasses of wine (3.5 points) later.

Hope it goes just as well for you tomorrow!

Also, best of luck to you too Rachel - nice that there's a few of us that have joined at the same time and are starting our journeys together!

thanks for that Rachel just had 3 pieces of scampi
so guessing that will [email protected] 3 pts.

Glad you are doing well Annette, I have a long way to go have around 6 stone to lose!!
just want to feel better and not a frump!!!

will post again tomorrow on this thread to see how you are all doing.

Take care

Elaine xx


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Hi Elaine

Don't think about it as a long way to go - break it down into mini goals that way you'll stay focused! There's been some really fab results on WW - you'll do it no problem.

Just remember though - slow and steady wins the race! You're more likely to keep the weight off if you lose it the sensible way through healthy eating and maybe a little exercise here and there along the way!

Can't wait to see your menus for tomorrow! I think it's a great idea to post your menus. It not only keeps you on track, other people can also let you know if you're going wrong anywhere and above all it gives everyone else fresh ideas on things to eat!!

Speak soon
Annette xxx

Hi all,

hope everyone doing ok?
here is my menu for today. i made the sheperds pie out of the kickstart book and when i weighed out the mince i thought there is no way enough for me and that portion of mince should serve 4!! but once all the veggies were in it, it bulked out the recipe. Could hardly taste the mince for all the veg so think if i do it again i wouldprob leave out the minced lamb as quite high in pts. The whole recipe was 21 pts(5.5pts per serving) and without the mince prob would only hav been 2.5 ! anyway this is what i have had:

B - honey nut shredded wheat, milk and small glass orange juice =

L - WW chicken faita wrap 4pts, snackbag of apples and grapes 1pt = 5pts

D - Sheperds pie ( out of kickstart book)5.5 pts,apple 0.5 pts = 6pts

S - Kellogs special k snack bag thingy( u know what i mean ) 1.5pts
1/2 prepacked BLT sandwich ( OOPS guessing 3.5 pts)
Tuna and cottage cheese salad 2pts = 7PTS

Elaine. xxx


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Hi Elaine

I made the shepherds pie at the weekend and it was gorgeous!! I also love BLT sandwiches - have you tried the WW one? You can buy it in Asda (don't know about anywhere else) and it's only 3.5 points for both triangles and very nice too!

I had an Asda Good for You Zesty Salmon with New Potatoes meal for tea and it was really yummy and also only 4.5 points. The only thing was I didn't bulk it out with extra veg or salad so it really didn't fill me up! The reason I didn't cook some veg to go with it was I was so hungry I couldn't wait an extra few minutes!!!

I must admit I'm struggling a bit tonight. The problem was I ran out of wafer thin ham and had nothing else for a sandwich to take to work with me. I was on my way out of the office to go home for my lunch, but suddenly realised that there were no spare parking spaces in the car park and that there was a big meeting on, so there was no way was giving up my parking space!! So do you know what I did, I went back into the office and refused to go out - I know - how sad's that just for the sake of having to park my car 10 minutes walk away down the road!! I admit it - I'm lazy!! It was a lovely day too!!!

So, because I didn't go out at dinner I bought a sandwich from the canteen (4.5 points only ham and tomato, which isn't too bad) and a packet of french fries, which is way more than I usually spend on my lunch!!

I tend to have most of my points when I get home from work! I'd also ran out of salad, so there wasn't any to help bulk out my tea! Needless to say I'm feeling pretty hungry now!! That'll teach me not to be so lazy!

Anyway, hubby has kindly been out and got me stocked back up on salad, etc so I should be ok tomorrow!!

Good luck for tomorrow - you're doing so well! I've had a sneaky look on the scales and I don't think I'm going to do as well as I was hoping for this week, but I've got another 2 days before weigh in so you never know!

Annette xxx
Evening Hallorran and everyone looking in my weightwatchers book it says 60g 3p so not to sure maybe check with your leader?

Annette you r right it is nice we can come on and chat .And help each other I think it is good we r doing the same

Waiting to lose first 7lbs and then get a gitter thing [not sure whay they called] as I live in a house of men well 1 husband plus twin boys so not much pink around.Sorry I rabbit on a bittake care all Rachelxx
Hi all.

How are you all going?
Know what you mean about parking and walking Annette, i hardly walk!!! I am looking after my sister-in-laws dog for the weekend so i am awaiting for my daughter to come home and then we will go for a walk. I am coming out in a sweatjust thinkingabout it!!!

Today has not been so good, had kellogs sustain this morning which was 3pts, but have been delievering training all day and never took lunch. My buisness partner brought sandwiches fromthe shop, pre packed it was on brown bread and had saus, boiled egg lettuce and tomato sauce! no idea how many points PLEASE CAN ANYONE ADVISE ME, HELP NEEDED !!!

Not sure what to have for tea as unsure of points

Elaine xx
Where did he get them? Was it somewhere you could check the EO guide??
sorry i have not got a clue as she had taken them out of the packet and put them on a plate!!

i am guestermating 2.5 bread, 1.5 egg, 1 tomato sauce, 1 for marg and then 2 for sausage, total 8
What do you think.?

Elaine x


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Guesstimate and then add on a point for luck! Can't go far wrong there.

You're doing great btw! The first week is always the hardest, you can't think of anything BUT food! Just remember to stack up on the zero point stuff... I love picking on carrot batons and cherry toms when I simply MUST eat something! Okay, they're not as much fun as quality street!

Try not to think of the complete weight you need to lose.... I started at 19stone 13.. so my first thing was my silver 7, then to "break" the stones, so to speak. You know, to have them read 15st 13 rather than 16 something. I broke it down into as small a chunks as possible.

My weight has come off very slowly, over the last 4 years. BUT I haven't dieted throughout that time. I tend to get frustrated after 3 months and do "maintenance" not actually pointing but keeping a rough eye on what I'm taking in. Hence why I really admire those that stick it out long term!

It has given my skin time to catch back up though, something I thought would never happen. And I also KNOW I can keep it off without yo yoing.

Apologies to all i have been absent since friday evening.

Completly lost the plot over the BH weekend,parties and hangovers etc.
Feeling throughly disgusted with myself!

However, moving on and away from those horrid days, trying desperatly to get back on track.

Thanks RJLUCY for your reply about the sandwich!

Elaine xx


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Awww Elaine! ... Yep! back on track thats great stuff! ... well done! youve had a good weekend wobble! so now back on track hun


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