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day one!

hi all, my name is nikki im 23, i have two daughters aged 7 and 2 i need to lose three stone im currently 10st 10lb and i am 5ft 1in. and my bmi shocked me!! i knew i was overweight but seeing it infront of me was a slap in the face..

i have just started celebrity slim, its not bad the shakes are yummers so far i ahave had chocolate and vanilla, im going to go for latte in the morning...in the guide i read that its good to do exersize in the morning before the first shake so im going to try i though it would be good to exersize after dinner lol

i havent stuck to diets in the past for several reasons.
because i love food and eat in the evenings because im alone when the kids are in bed. i lose motivation -i expect to be a stone lighter after two minutes lol
and when i dont see results after 3 days i give up and just think f*** it!

the reasons i think i will stick to this diet are because i had to pay alot of money for it and will not waste my money lol because i have weekly weigh ins with my chemist,and because people in this forum are going through the same thing.
it was embarassing when i got weighed and did my bmi which made me think come on let me just do it and get healthy :) so fingers crossed next weds i will have lost some weight and will continue to do so! yay i look foward to meeting new friends and going through this with you rather than on my own

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i'm the same as you.. not gonna cheat or not follow it properly when i've paid out good money for it in the first place :)

it does become easier as the days go by..

i haven't done any exercise yet as have high blood pressure at the minute.. hopefully this will go down as I lose some blubber and can start to do a bit!

good luck
thanks, yeah its flaming expensive for what it is, unless i drop loads of weight lol.

good luck with it keep in touch x
I only bought the starter pack at first and weighed myself around the 5th day.. saw that I had lost so sent for another few weeks supply, got bars and soup too.. they are quite nice!

lost 8lb the first weigh in so was a good boost to carry on :)
I think they tell you to snack as if you go a few hours without food your blood sugar drops which leads to you feeling hungry and its often when you crave all the naughty stuff for a quick fix.. :(

there is much more detail about this in the booklet or on the website

i've just been eating fruit mainly.. or have used one of the bars if want summat sweet (half of one is ok for a snack)
This time you will do it. Like you I seem to start a diet in the morning and by evening I am eating anything I can get my hands on. Just finished first day and did not cheat as I kept in thinking about how much this is costing me. In a few months time you will be a yummy mummy. Keep it up
cheers girls, this week im going to exersize every morning no alchol. cos it says drink dry white or red and im a rose girl lol.
im going to stick to it because i dont want to be the same weight at the weigh in that would be crap lol....
good luck to all of us this summer we it will all pay off...ps i tied going to bed early so i wouldnt be up all evening looking for food..was hard to sleep but i didnt end up snacking x
day 2 ...must drink loads of water!! have done half hour exersize including clearing the kids room. had a latte shake is nice..and im plannin to have my meal for lunch today. reallllllllly dont need to snack reallly not hungry usually im snacking all day!!
has anyone got some nice recipes to share i cant think of any low carb dinners because all my dinners usually had potatoes or bread!
has anyone got some nice recipes to share i cant think of any low carb dinners because all my dinners usually had potatoes or bread!
google for the irish celebrity slim website it has some recipes on there.. (dont think i'm allowed to link to it) some sound tasty and can be adapted to suit what you like :)

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