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Day out tomorrow - Goodnight


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Hey Girls, I would love to stay and chat, but I have a heavy day out tomorrow. Up at 8am for shower, then breakfast and then get ready - you know the full works, hair, make-up etc, then choose between about 10 different outfits before going back to the 1st outfit!!
Meeting friends from work around 1pm, couple of drinks, nice lunch, few more drinks then home about 9pm tomorrow night.

I probably will log on here in the morning, then I wont be on all day, so catch up with you all tomorrow night (if sober enough)

Have a great day everyone.

Off to bed now for a good nights sleep xxx
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Have a great day Mary - sounds perfect - enjoy! x


One last chance
LOL coolies, have fun! :D


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Hope you have a lovely day - and get all the compliments you deserve! xx


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Thanks Ladies - this is my last day out before the hols on June 1st, then I will be an extremely good girl for the next 2 weeks.


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oooh hope you are having a nice day kered :)


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I had a blast - came home merry, but not drunk. Food was good too, I had a Wetherspoons chilli con carni with basmati rice and tortilla chips - less than 5% fat.
Were you sneaking a look at your calorie book under the table???:)


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I had a blast - came home merry, but not drunk. Food was good too, I had a Wetherspoons chilli con carni with basmati rice and tortilla chips - less than 5% fat.
Did you enjoy it? Whenever i used to have it it had been clearly reheated in the microwave and bunged on the plate :sigh: although it was quite tasty! lol


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Its just nice to go out with work colleagues, I never really get to go out with them, they are too far away.

Once or twice a year is lovely lol
Glad you had a nice time. Holiday, where to?

Hi Mary
Glad you had a nice time, you must feel so free now with being able to eat again. It is a lovely feeling isn't it having lost the weight don't you thinnk so. Love your new photo by the way.
Will make another attempt to put my photos on like you have last time was a disaster.
Where are you off to on holiday? Where ever it is you will have a great time.:)


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I am going to Icmeler in Turkey, June for 2 weeks, I cant wait. We go there every year, 2-3 times and we have lots of Turkish friends now, one family in particular so we like to visit them too.

Thanks for the comments about the photo, that was taken when I went to Nottingham a few weeks ago.

Just add the thumbnail to your signature, if you have any problems just give me a shout.
Will they know you

You are going to give them a bit of a surprise at the change in you. Have a great time. Wow 2-3 times a year lucky you. Don't tell me you venture there in the height of summer, it is so hot then. Early june is fine but I couldn't contemplate july august. Olu Deniz here I come on the 22nd.I can't wait also.lol:D:D


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My first visit was in August, all I did was have breakfast, cross the road and sit on the beach under the parasol all day long, back to the hotel, shower, change and out for an evening meal, we went to the same place every night as it was so hot, the place we went was only a 2 minute walk. Its surprising how I ever went back because I seen nothing of it on that holiday lol. Now we usually go first 2 weeks in June, first 2 weeks in October and occassionally a week or two beginning of May, but only twice this year. June/Oct. Have a great holiday, I love the Turkish hospitality.

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