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Day seven and a few questions

Hi everyone

I have just found this amazing site and i am hoping your stories will inspire me.

I am on day 7 of Lipotrim and i have lost 9lbs so far. I am really pleased with my progress but i am finding it a struggle. Some of the side effects are getting me down a bit and i was wondering if any of you had had the same. I am very dizzy all the time which the chemist said was not normal but did not give me any advice. I am getting headaches which i know is normal as is the tiredness but one of the things that is really bothering me is i have a really furry tongue!! it is quite disgusting and i have tried mouthwash but not sure what else i can do, any clues??

I look forward to getting to know you all better.

cawisu xx
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on the up lol
well done so far .... headaches = drink more water if u can and take paracetamol :)
the dizzy spells = should ease off soon your body is ajusting if not talk to chemist again :sigh:

as for the furry toung hey thats normal it will pass in few days , soon you will be feeling on top of the world , so long as you get enough sleep :D:D:D

ohh and for the furry toung you can get ( Listerine strips ) to help out , not sure where you get them in shops but you can find them on line :rolleyes:

hope that helps
Thanks sheep.

I am already drinking about 6 pints of water day so any more and i think i might have to camp out in the loo lol! I already take a lot of strong painkillers for a pelvis problem i have, so i think i will just have to wait them out and hope the headaches pass soon.

I have low blood pressure so i am wondering if that is being affected by the diet, i am at the docs later today so i will ask her about the dizziness then.

As for plenty of sleep with 3 kids one who like to get up at 5 dont think that will happen any time soon!!

Someone else recommended the strips to me but i havent been able to get hold of any yet, will try to buy some online. If i dont i think my tongue might become permanently stuck to the roof of my mouth!!

cawisu xx
Good luck with your weight loss, and well done on your 9lb so far.
As for listerine strips they have been discontinued. I tried to order them from two wholesalers at work (i am a pharmacy ACT) but they come back saying disc. I also tried savers but they said the same.
Will try online but they are alot more money.
good luck with your losses

also your nearly through the hard part the rest becomes pretty easy so stick with it


maintaining since June'09
Hiya - well done on your fantastic loss!

Someone around here sorted out their headaches by drinking more coffee (not de-caf) but I'm not sure I should be recommending it! ;)

I have been advised to get a tongue cleaner - I haven't as yet but I haven't had a problem as yet. Apparently eating and chewing removes a lot of ..... gunk?? ... whatever ... and bacteria from our tongues which - as we're not eating - obviously is just hanging around. This will feel and also smell unpleasant ... maybe this would help??
Hi everyone, thanks for the words of encouragment.

Nikci28 I will look online for the strips to see if i can get hold of any, will let you know if i do.

JanD love the coffee idea but unfortunately i cant stand the stuff! I think i will look into the tongue cleaner idea, as horrid as it sounds i have got to do something!

cawisu xx

PS not sure how to quote a message in my replies, do i need to check the box at the bottom of quick reply? tried but it wont let me, sorry probably being thick!


I will be skinny again!!!
At the bottom of the persons post in the right hand corner click on the quote button
It will automatically re direct you to a page with their quote and some where you can type your reply xxx
Fab, learn something new everyday!

I am ok thanks, feeling quite tired today. Just had choc shake for lunch, was going to have soup but couldnt stomach it. I think i am going to have to take the soup and flapjacks back to the chemist and swap them for choc shakes. This means breakfast, lunch and dinner will all be choc shakes!! I cant believe how bad the flapjacks are!! i was looking forward to something to chew last night took one mouthful and had to put it in the bin as it made me gag!

How are you?

cawisu xx


I will be skinny again!!!
yeah they taste like poo lol!!

Do you not like vanilla or strawberry shakes??

I like the soup with pepper in it!!

Im good thank you!! xx
I didn't know you could have pepper, that could make all the difference! I will try that tonight.

The vanilla shake made me throw up!! and the strawberry gave me stomach cramps and repeated on me really badly.

Going to try the choc as a mousse tomorrow.

Cawisu fx


I will be skinny again!!!
I like the choc as a mousse. the others as a mousse are horrible!! lol!!

good luck xx
Have just tried the soup with pepper in and it was sooo much better! Cant say i enjoyed it but at least i could get it down. Will stick to having a soup a day and 2 shakes now. Thanks for that :)

I am going to try the choc mousse in the morning.

cawisu xx


I will be skinny again!!!
Hmmm... Cant advise how to wisk it because i get my boyfriend to do it for me and its great... No grit :D

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