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Day Two - 2.5 syns

very good day, banana and mullerlight for breakfast, scrambled eggs (milk HXa) with tinned tomatoes for lunch and chicken (HXb) stir fry containing carrots, cabbage, beansprouts, sweetcorn, onions and egg noodles for tea. Snacked in the evening on fresh fuit salad (Apple, Banana, Grapes & Strawberries)with mullerlight. My only syns were from a much needed Gin & slim after my youngest had wound me up!!
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You are only on day 2? You should be having maximum Syns and you shouldn't go below 5 in a day. If you start out not having enough Syns you will have nothing to cut back on when you hit a plateau
I'm thinking of saving them up and having a beer or two at the weekend...I assume you can still carry syns over from day to day but not week to week! Correct me if I'm wrong...please...it's been a few years (about 7) since I last did SW and am doing it from home!


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You should still have a minimum of five a day though. And if you don't mind me saying you aren't eat very much. You hardly had anything for breakfast and lunch. I take it you were doing a green day? if I were you I would add in more free foods to these meals as well as increase your syns.
Ok thanks...I'll try to have 5 a day at least. Although I have to say, I'm not left being hungry..it's an improvement as I used to have no breakfast and only a sausage roll and bag of crisps for lunch, so I am eating more than normal.
Tonight I'm making a beef stew and am going to have dumplings (7.5 Syns) so that should be an improvement.
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Yes, sorry, you can use them weekly. In which case there's nothing wrong with going lower some days and higher on others. But as Circes said, you need to make sure you are eating plenty

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