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Day Two For Me!!!

Well as the title says it is Day 2 for me and I am shocked that I have made it here. I know that sounds mad because it is only 2 days but I really didn't think that I would get here. Yesterday day time was "ok" but last night was a nightmare. I think it is because I am busy in the day and then don't really think about it but then at night, when I have stopped work etc I naturally want to make dinner etc so I really felt it last night :cry:Does anyone else feel like this? I hope that side of it gets easier because I did struggle a little last night :mad:
Have a lovely day everyone xxx
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Well done you Im so proud that you struggled last night but didnt cave in. Thats the main thing you didnt give in to temptation!!! Just think about how much fun we are gonna have in a few months when we have to go shopping for clothes!!! Woo Hoo ( That Evans chargecard is gonna be redundant!!!)

Well done to you hunny I am ever so proud of you!! I struggled with Day 1 too hunny I only had 1.5ltr of water and 2 shakes!! Mainly because I didnt have my first shake till 5pm running around and aws in bed by 9pm - thats why I didnt reply to your text lol!!!

I did however cook the other half a lovely dinner of Chicken Lasagne, syn free Chips and salad so I did still cook just never ate!! I did sit down with him tho and had my shake at the same time. Im sure being the dutiful wife will soon wear off and he will be back to micro meals.

I am so proud of you !!!
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well done for getting through day 1. concentrate on the water today and make sure you save a pack for evening if thats when you struggle. I sometimes have a bouillion in the evening followed immediately by a shake or bar so it feels like Im having 2 courses! If that fails, just have a bath and an early night. this next 48 hours are the hardest so you just need to get through that and then it will suddenly feel much easier.

Have a great day. catch up with you later. text me if you are struggling and i'll kick your ass for you!!
Hee hee thanks both, you are a great support! Last night I was all for giving in and just thought that it wasn't for me but then I came on here and read peoples threads and they really are inspirational :) xx
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well done on managing 1 day, take it a day at a time and keep up with the water and it will be weigh in before you know it.

Find something to keep you busy if you can in the evening - in desparation I would take a book to a room as far away from the kitchen as I could so it was always to much effort to go and get food and just drink pints of water instead.

Good luck


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come on you can do it, it can only get easier now, I am a day behind you so you are my inspriation at the moment... keep going
well done on day one for me getting started was the hardest. Once you keep busy time will fly im on week four and I so dont know where the 4weeks have gone!! My oh made his and dd's dinner the 1st few eves would that help you? Maybe then while there eating you could go have a bath?read a book? go for a walk or something to take your mind of food.

You are doing BRILL once ketosis comes you wont feel hungy :)


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Glad you got through Day 1, you will be in ketosis is no time at all! If my OH is having something that smells delish I always hide upstairs till he has eaten it. Have that hour you would cook and eat to have some 'ME' time
I find the evenings the most difficult time too. I leave my shakes/tetras/porridge as long as I can during the day, so I have more in the evening to eat.

I also chew gum like crazy in the evenings. I know it doesn't work for everyone as it can make you a bit hungry, but I just keep shoving bits in so my jaw can chew on something - mad but it works for me :D

Keep going - you can do this :)
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I found the first couple of days hard, I don't think it was hunger as such. I started on a Monday and my DH goes out on a Monday night and my usual evening would be to get the kids in bed and chill on the sofa with crisps, choc and a couple of glasses of wine, so the first night was really hard, but I had a long soak in the bath, painted my nails and just kept myself busy basically. The diet does get easier I promise you I'm just starting my 3rd week and I'm finding it a breeze now. You just need to break those old habits for instance when I was bored I would raid the fridge, now I read a mag or come on minimins.

Good luck well done for not caving in and keep drinking the water.
Sussex girl porridge? is this allowed when on CD?
I did cd in november last year and husband treatened to walk out in the 1st 3 days, I was hell, hungry and depressed, but by day 4 I felt great, managed to lose 18 lbs in 3 weeks which was fab as bmi was only on 26 when started, needless to say, it's been xmas and now all but 6lbs have gone back on. I would love to say the diets rubbish and you automatically put it back on, but the truth is eating 6-8 takeaways a week may have had something to do with it. I only put on 4lbs quickly and kept the stone off for nearly two months until my overeating got the better of my body. I'm sure you'll write back here in the next week supporting others and explaining how easy it really is.
Thank you for all of your supportive messages :)

Sam - Not good hun :( I am really struggling and this is how it went last time a couple of days in and I feel like the whole world is against me :( Listen to me being a martyr, hee hee! I shall keep plodding on though and hope that it really does get better a week in :) xxx

PS - Sorry I've not been about much today and for the short replies but it's been manic at work xxx
Sussex girl porridge? is this allowed when on CD?
well it's not Scotts porridge oats, that's for sure, but I love it. I'm rubbish at putting links and things like that but if you do a search for porridge you'll find loads of info about it. We make it using Psyllium husks and a sachet of CD.

I've just had my fav, toffee and walnut, hot, yummy and you can eat it with a spoon :D

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