Total Solution Day two - not too bad!!

Discussion in 'Exante' started by Meowimacat, 24 April 2014 Social URL.

  1. Meowimacat

    Meowimacat New Member

    Second day today! Decided to hold off my breakfast shake until 11.50am which made the day easier. I find as soon as I consume something I get hungrier quicker.
    Does anyone split their meals throughout the day? For lunch today I had half a soup and half a bar, then for dinner I had half of a different flavour soup and the rest of the bar a little later.
    Finding it really hard cooking for my daughter and not giving in to little tastes, a bad habit I need to break! Does anyone else have to cook for other people every day?
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  3. Rosey38

    Rosey38 Full Member

    Hi, I have been having my first pack later in the day. Sometimes wait till I get home from work. I'm not sure I could wait to finish a bar, I seem to get through it pretty quickly! I cook for my OH, although he does cook aswell. I was asked to make a cake for a work the other day, but decided it would be too tempting, so just bought one instead! Hope the rest of your week goes well.
  4. Lara1986

    Lara1986 Gold Member

    Hey - I was just thinking - if you get hungry when you eat something - won't eating more often mean you'll feel that urge more often? I dunno, I totally get more hunger once I start eating too, and start convincing myself I need more! But maybe try it n see what works for u xx
  5. Meowimacat

    Meowimacat New Member

    I'm not sure, I had a bar yesterday afternoon and just nibbled on it throughout the day and didn't need to have my porridge for dinner until about 7pm! On day 5 now and had a sneaky weigh in, 5lb down! Yay! I know its mostly water but my stomach is so much less bloated so don't look as porky!
  6. Lara1986

    Lara1986 Gold Member

    Oh good seems like it works for you then :)

    That's a brilliant boost to push you through.

    I'm on day 3 over here.... Feel a bit better already but don't really think I've lost anything significant - I think u expect too much it's only day 3!!!

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