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day two on lipotrim

im on day 3 of lipotrim and so far today is going good. i got really hungry at 430pm but manged to get past it by having a shake and black tea.
i dont know if i feel lighter but i feel different.

im hoping ill keep the willpower going until the weekend that i find hardest.

feel motivated!
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Good to hear you're doing well! :D It makes such a difference to have a positive outlook towards the diet rather than looking at it like a jail sentence :) Good for you! :D
i really want to try hard now. its such a lot of money to pay and not stick to it. ive told a friend im seeing tommorrow im sticking to LT this time and dont want to eat. im going to chant it to myself !

dont want to eat.....dont want to eat
Lol @ the chanting :) You've got yourself a little mantra there ;)

To be honest the money thing is probably one of the main reasons I've stuck to it. I'm not in a great position financially (putting it lightly lol) and my £36 per week could be going on other things but my weight is so important to me at the moment that I justify it by staying true to what I want most and sticking to the diet 100% :) If I cheated it would be an absolute waste of £££.

Good on you for being so determined x
thats one reason i try and stop myself reaching for the snacks in the kitchen. also the other reason my husband giving me a funny look one of those "i knew you couldnt stick to eat" look.

i look at the money and think wow i could by something important with this or pay a part of a bill (when the turn up out of the blue without notice) like you siad loosing weight is so important. ive been a size 10 and back then it felt so great (many moons ago). i felt like i could go anywhere and not think o i feel big. or if someone siad lets go out without weeks of planning and me trying to loose weight id jump and say come on and feel good. i could take anything from my wardrobe and it would feel good on. now i seem to have my trusty black tops and big jeans that just keep being washed and worn each week.
Ditto for me Gemma. I can't afford to waste £36 a week to just cheat and that is a real motivation to me to stick to it! That and the quick weight loss you get on this diet!

Taffi, you are so positive that you can't fail to be a loser on this! Is your first WI on Saturday? If it is then the results of your WI should give you all the willpower to get you through. If not then you have us!

Good luck.

thanks cuddlyfairy :)
i have to collect some shakes on wednesday morning as im running out these ones ive been useing are from my last attempt at LT. i think with reading how much people are loosing i really want to loose that much weight to. id love to loose half a stone in the next two weeks even if i lost it in three weeks and not two its better than gaining the half a stone. some times during the day i feel so so hungry and do get sick of drinking but i know how replused ive felt about my belly and dont want that feeling again. plus i never drink water and on LT i do lol

so hopfully ill have lovely clear skin too
Taffi, I've had people comment on how good my skin looks and how bright my eyes are these days and my nails have never looked better! I put it down to drinking on average 4L of water a day and losing some of my disgusting fat! I still have a long way to go but the reactions I get are such an ego boost to me that I am happy to stick to it!

If you stick to LT 100% then you could easily lose half a stone in your first week!

Good luck.

im so going to stay motivated i really want to. today i feel so motivated tommorrow can be a diffrent day when it comes to my mood. but if i keep telling myself i can do it i think ill manage. i dont want to get to over confident i think thats why i didnt stick to LT last time


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I only started today for my first time on LT Taffi so I can sympathise with you! But we need to keep going to get to that size 10! :D

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