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Day Two

Yes its very hard but keep up with it because in a few days you'll feel great. When you have your first weigh in you'll feel even better.


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Hang in there, the first three days are the worst, but it does get better, get some water down your neck and you'll feel better
Hey clare-jo, I'm on Day 2 too. I've a slight headache and was feeling very hot this morning when I first got up, but I'm not too bad now. I'm drinking my water cool which is helping. I drank so much water yesterday that it can't be from dehydration so I'm guessing it's my body getting used to the new regime :eek: !!
I have just started week 2 on the diet. I agree with above posts the first 3 days are awful...but you will feel totally different after that. I have load of energy now, day 4 i was like a new person...please stick with it and keep up the water intake. I had my first WI yesterday and lost 10 lbs so well worth it!
Shelly x


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It can be really hard going the first few days. But, stick to it 100% and drink lots and lots of water (helps with headaches) and you will get into ketosis and then it should get easier.

As Shelly says, its SOOOOOO worth persevering :)


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Hi Clare-Jo,
hope you are starting to feel a bit better now. Try not to do anything too taxing and take sips of water as often as you can. The feeling should pass soon. If you feel ill and you don't think it's related to the diet, get yourself checked out. Best of luck
Agree with doirin . Just be nice to yourself and not take on anything too strenuous over the first few days. The headaches(hangover feeling) are probably down to sugar withdrawals which will pass soon. It will get better honest. Have a few early nights and relax in the sun if you can.
Im on day 2 also, i felt ok this mornin but feelin quite rough now with headache and abit of blurred vision :cry: and also feelin quite sick :sign0137: so thinkin of goin 2 bed for a while and see if that helps.... :wave_cry:
Babybear, I'm on day 3 now and feel better than I did yesterday. I guess it's starting to kick in. I kinda felt ok by yesterday evening actually. So do what you need to do to get through today and I bet you'll be feeling better tomorrow.

I did drink a lot of water yesterday !!
Hi mini
to be honest im feelin defeated at the moment, i havent had 3rd shake as yet, been sick twice since 2nd shake and still got headache..... dont really want 2 give up on diet but im seriously considerin it :break_diet:
babybear, sorry to hear that. Just think about getting to tomorrow. Forget about everything else for now. I struggled a bit this evening, which sort of blind sided me. I think it's going to happen like that on and off, so just deal with now, now and forget about the rest.

And know that you will get through it because we've so many people here who've already gotten through.

Hmm, I know what you mean. Maybe it might be better to leave it until tomorrow if you've been sick?. Do you drink tea or coffee? Maybe have a cup of black tea. I had a cup earlier and it helped me a little bit.

Stay strong x