Day2 killer head ache


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i am on day 2 today and my head is killing me is this normal i no you get head aches but are they suppose to be realy realy bad:confused: i have not energy, i can not even move feel dizzy wen i do:confused: and i still have hunger pains is this all normal or is it just me?


Yeah, the headaches can be really awful but they only last a day or two - take some painkillers and take it easy today. it's just withdrawal symptoms. In another day or two you'll be in ketosis and the hunger will go and it all gets so much easier. I'm on Day 8 now and don't have any headaches, hunger or anything. Energy levels all fine now too. Hang on in there!;)
HI Ali

It was my Day2 yesterday and I had a horrible head last night and this morning, alomost on a par with a migraine:( . Have drunk huge amounts of water and taken paracetamol and had a soak in the bath, it worked.:)

I have noticed that my joints are aching, knees and knuckles and I get a bit lightheaded from time to time. I guess this is just out bodies reacting to a massive lifestyle change, very quickly.

keep going is what I am telling myself. The results we will see will be amazing. Worth every ache:D

Tania xx
YES definatly worth every ache of the first week! Week 2 you'll feel good.
Just remember - everytime you're bored and tempted to have 'just a nibble of something' - if you knock yourself out of ketosis you WILL have to go through week 1 again ! It really isn't worth even the smallest cheat !!!!!
That awful pre-ketosis feeling, I remember it well! It is really horrid, but doesn't last, I was over it in 12 hours, most of which I slept through. For me it was the greatest spur to keep to the diet, I knew I didn't want to go through that again.
Awww I had awful headaches on day one and day 2. All I did was took a couple of tablets and drank and drank until I felt I couldn't drink anymore.

Day 3 I was like a new person!

Its definately worth it so stick with it and keep thinking of your first week WI.:)
like i was not feeling bad enuff, on top of that i just started my periods aint that just greatttttttttttttt:( now i feel even worse :( :eek:
Hi Ali,
I know just how your feeling, I had really bad headaces almost as bad as my migrane but I tell you on your first WI its all worth it. I took a couple of paracetamol and drank loads too and it does work, after all I ate over christmas its no wonder I had mega carb withdrawal but I feel great now.
Wishing you all the best