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Morning just got back in from work, so going to sleep all day, in to week 2 day 3 now and that chewing will go, I think the hardest is watching everyone else eat while you sit there. On the night shift our canteen opens between 10pm and 12am so I go for my break well after that it helps me alot, but may not be a viable option for everyone


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:D good morning another day feel ok this morning i think what worries me is the simple fact of not eating real food will this feeling ease or go away will i constantly think about chewing ha ha:confused::confused::confused: see you all later got work now i am gonna see about flapjacks for next week:eek:
your brave the flapjacks are another aquired taste i couldnt even manage to eat half of one!:sign0137:


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flapjacks taste like marmite on bitumen

only my opinion like :p


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havent tasted the flapjacks but ive only heard bad things about them

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paula, i was on a downer about the soup til i tried it, im gonna try the flapjacks next week too.

stay strong, im a day behind you and stood right in your shadow, so you gotta get through the first week :)


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yea i heard d soups were rotton but i have mostly soup on my diet so i suppose if anyone has tasted the flapjacks and likes them can they let me know wot they taste like


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The flapjacks are like sawdust molded together with cheap peanut butter. They are vile but best of luck if u can stomach them.


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thanks sounds like a no no then


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I have the peanut flapjacks and don't mind them. I don't like the soup so they are something savoury to make a change from the shakes.

Everyone has different tastes so it is worth trying them just to see. I'm tempted to try the soup again as I know my tastes have changed.

I would only get one to try and if you like them then get more. You must drink at least another 250ml of water that you would have used to make a shake.

Good luck!



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Good luck with the flapjacks Satty. BTW how you doing?

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I am making a list of the things, I am going to eat, I love to cook so will be making them lean and healthy!! Can’t wait to go shopping and get new clothes, meet the family and see the look on their faces, go out with everybody who I haven’t seen in a while.
At the moment being a bit of a hermit, I don't really want to go out yet, because I want to see the look on their faces after a month or so, have my first wedding anniversary next month, having a bash for that so be brilliant to see everybody’s reaction then!


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the pharm told me to wait till week 3 to try flap jacks, he said they are awful tasting in the beggining, but after week 3 reckoned they would be like a taste explosion!

so - for me i will wait till week 3.

hope that helps :)


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