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dayyyyyyyyyyyyy 3 on the ss diet

still haveing trouble sleeping, just can't seem to nod off

so now i feel shattered, and i'ts nothing to do with the diet, it's cause of my interupted sleep. Anyone any ideas why this is.

Don't feel to bad, my head is fine, but i have no taste in my mouth, and i could feel this all night.

just having a vanilla shake, and it's not to bad.

oh and my pee stick has turned dark pink

decided to jump on the scales this morning

i know, i know i shouldn't but i just couldn't resist it, and my scales are showing a loss of 5lb:eek:

good luck to everyone for today i'm of to work now.
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Hi Wickedchris

If your pee stick is dark pink then you may need to drink more water. The darker the colour shows dehydration. Just a thought.

My sleep pattern was rubbish for the first couple of days too.

thanks for those good wishes, my pee stick was a medium colour

my leader did say to me that if it went very dark, then to drink more water, i think she said it was because the kidneys are working to hard then.

not been to bad today, not managed to drink a lot of water, been gagging at each mouthful.

had my shake for brekkie, just having a veg soup, then may make a strawberry shake into a muffin.

feel a bit tired again now, but i'm putting that down to not sleeping

but my mouth feels like cack, and that is bugging me.

if my mouth tasted better i'd feel much better.

thanks all and hope everyone is having a good day.


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Dont worry Wickedchris, it gets easier with each day, and you will soon feel re-energised. Keep it up
well done getting this far hun, fantastic you are in ketosis.xx
thanks for that

i'll have to get some mouthwash tomorrow

has anyone any ideas as to which is the best to get.


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I'm on Day 2. How do you know you are in ketosis without pee strips?
I'm on day 3. My Councillor never even mentioned the strips, and I forgot when I was there to ask. Is there any way to tell. I'm still hungry, (Although not so bad as yesterday thankfully.)
I'm struggling a bit now

made hubby a lovely tea, didn't touch any or lick my fingers.

but my mouth feels like crap, and i've just brushed my teeth

now i feel hungry and i've got one shake left to have a bit later.

i couldn't tell you what i feel like eating now.............just off to look at some more success story pictures


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oh, you lucky you, you've got a shake left! I'm drinking tea like my life depends on it ;)
Hang in there, the first week is the hardest, but next week you'll be so proud!
thanks i know i will

just feeling a bit down, and i shouldn't as hubby brought me a nice bunch of flowers today as well
well i've just made a forrest fruits shake,

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